19 October 2009

The Cautious Maus

Maus is a comic different from most that we have read this semester. Its facts with down about a man's journey through the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of his son. His son is a up and coming comic artist. Art is the young man's name. His father apparently is a loner since the death of his wife because he calls his son in the beginning at 7:00 am for help. When Art comes over, his father declines his assistance. His father becomes upset about a comic detailing the death of his wife.

The comic goes into the past to 1943. It begins to tell the story of the transporting of the Jew to the concentration camps. The Nazis began to take Jews to a ghetto in Srouda. Anja becomes informed of this by her brother-in-law and is asked to be moved. Art's father, Vladek, moves his family inside a empty home. However, Vladek and his family is caught due to the probability that another Jew snitched on him. But, Vladek is smart by befriending some of the Nazi soldiers. Finally, Vladek is released by the soldier for a randsom paid by his cousin Haskel. However, Haskel is sneaky and corrupt and gets Anja's family killed.

Vladek and Art arrive at a bank. Vladek claims Art as his heir to his valuables after he dies. The story ends with his father crying of his dead wife. Maus was a very orginial tale. It is an exact account of the war for the Jews. I thought it was great and refreshing orginial. The idea of Jews being mice was very different. This is also a very somber story when refering to Art and his father Vladek. I could definitely read more of this story.

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