02 October 2009

A Chapter from the great "Bible" of Comics...

Reading this chapter made plenty of sense just had to read the chapter twice! Anyways the chapter being about three of the twelve revolutions. Gender Balance, Minority Representation, and Diversity in Genre. Good points were made in this chapter about all three. Gender Balance meaning that comics together as a whole where made separate not intentionally but just happened by only selling to mainly the male population. This soon began to change in the mid 40's due to WW 2 where men were drafted to fight and women picked up the slack that the men were unavailable to do. Of course this ended when the war ended but began again now later in the years.

Gender Balance another issue that limited comics potential the reason because comics first began to entertain usually to white males. Of course according to McCloud if we begin to let minorities contribute there share into comics, comics would then sprout on to entertain other races besides white people. And Diversity in Genre is a complex matter. The reason is because when comics first came out superheros where the way to go with comics which of course later down on the road began to become slightly dull come now into the 21st century. Dont get me wrong that superhero comics are dull there awsome in my opinion. Its just since superheros and comics went hand in hand it became accociated with one another that even the idea of a superhero lead to comics or in thinking of comics it lead to thinking of superheros. With that said that is why it is difficult to expand into different genres because we know for a fact that superhero comics are the best overall and work well together. Like McCloud says its hard to expand outward when comics defined by the genre they are only existing thanks to superheroes. McCloud uses the idea that if comics as we knew it didnt exist and started anew, Comics would of then been accociated with romance or horror or westerns. But since we dont live in that kind of a world like that we accept with what we have or get to the point were comics might have to "re-invent the wheel" to be able soar into the league of higher arts. but thats might thought.... LONG ENOUGH?


  1. Trini, you really need to start proofreading your posts. Your summary is good; it's just difficult to read. Also, where's your response?

  2. I would have to agree with Mr. V, it is really hard to undertand what you are trying to get across when you are missing words all over the place.