02 October 2009

Comics Great Depression

In the introduction to "The Twelve Revolutions", McCloud starts off by letting us know his perspective on comics and that he is loyal to them because he doesn't exclude all but a specific genre of comics or make them so he can make it to the movies or TV, but that he loves comics and he wants them to reach their full potential. When he began making comics, sales were at their best and comics were doing great but they soon went down hill. Comics book storres started closing and many people gave up and moved on from them. Then McCloud tells about the goals that all comic creators tried to achieve which included making comics worthy of study and literature, the art to achieve the heights like of paintings or sculpture, creators rights, the business of comics improve, change the publics perception of comics, institutes of higher learning to change the prejudice of comics as being childish, make comics appeal to females just as much as males, be created by more that white males, and make comics reach all genres and not just super heros. All these did improve but in the mid-90's it left all of these goals "starved for ammunition". Now at days comics are losing out on talented creators and readers because people have moved on from comics as a pass time. But where there's a will, there's a way. New artist still helped fuel the revolution! Comics need to be made broader and appeal to diffferent kinds of people. McCloud invisions a future for comics that appeals to "all quarters of society".
Wow! I've felt as passionate about anything in my life as McCloud does for comics. He lives for this stuff. I hope one day the revolution of comics will achieve all the things that the creators want to achieve and McCloud can live happily ever after. But I don't think that will happen anytime soon . The economy is in a slump and i don't we should be too concerned about the future of comics. Unless it will get us out of this slump. Probably not.


  1. I don't think the economy is going to have as large of an impact like the audience does. Whether or not our economy is good, comics can either progress or decline depending on the material. However, that is just my opinion, but I think comics can easily make a come back...it's just a matter of finding a common ground with our generation now a days.

  2. I agree, Lynnae.

    But like just about any product, Ed, buying comics does help the economy by putting money back into it :-)

    This is a pretty good post, but you need to proofread more closely. You post shifts tenses (from present to past tense and vice versa) several times, which makes your summary difficult to understand--is McCloud saying creators need to try the 12 Revolutions or that they have?