06 October 2009

Diversity In Comics

In Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics he discusses the Twelve Revolutions. The three main ideas are gender balance, minorities, and genre. Ever since the first eruption of comics it seemed as though all the authors were male. In fact if you were to go back and look at all the "historic" comics you would find that majority if not all were written by males. [Ex: Superman, Batman, Spiderman..etc.] There were female comic writers, they just didn't get all the spotlight and weren't as successful representing their work to the public. Then there's the minorities. A lot of the comic writers were white males. It would be rare to see an African American comic writer with a #1 bestseller. It would be hard for the white males to give an exact account on any other culture because in reality they probably weren't fully educated in any culture other than their own. Lastly there is the Genre problem. It seems as though whenever a comic is mentioned the word superhero pops into mind. Comics haven't really been tied to anything other than superheroes in the past. I think with a wider range of ideas and situations the public would respond a lot more and maybe take more interest. I beleive that pieces of work I can relate to are a lot more fun to read. So basically, there are a few things holding back the full potential of comics according to Scott McCloud. I would have to say that I agree.

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  1. This is a good post, Tirisha. But try expanding a bit more on the main points you're summarizing. You're only giving the most bare facts.