04 October 2009

Diversity to the rescue!!

Scott McCloud has come up with a very good theory of getting comics back on the map. To widen the medium of comics and targeting a more diverse group of people. McCloud has this idea that "it's a big world out there, a world filled with millions of potential stories by millions of potential writers and artists, with the power to connect with billions of potential reader". This idea of McClouds expresses a way to get comics out there. Comics is not a big deal out there. There are many people that have not really looked into comics. To get a more diverse audience the writers must come with a more diverse product. McCloud states that the comics industry is prejudice. Minorities are not given as big of chance to help create comics. Thus the comics are staying right where they are. In order for comics to move up the minorities must step up to the comics challenge. Comics today are male dominated and women are not seen in the comic world. Even now that women are writing comics know one knows because its mostly men reading them. The gender balance must level out in comics. Scott McCloud believes that the genre of comics must broaden as well. It is the same muscular superheroes that McCloud believes is boring the readers. He uses the example that superheroes in comics are like chocolate pies and no one wants to eat chocolate pies all the time. Readers want a larger diverse genre to choose from
I am with McCloud all the way on this. Comics need to start writing about sports. I believe that if it is good enough some readers might actually like it. Sometimes in Sports Illustrated there are skits that make fun of players. I bet if there were more comic strips like that, some sports fans may be interested.


  1. I like chocolate pie and I dont mind eatting it! I say this because I've never acturally tried any other kind... I've never read any kind of comics besides superhero comics, and for the most part I enjoy them.
    Good job on your blog.

  2. I'd like to see some sorts in comics too. I think you can make any sport interesting if it were to be made into a comic. Even baseball. Ha!

  3. Good call, Steph, but I think McCloud would tell you to try some other types of pie--I've recently fallen in love with sweet-potato pie :-)

    Ed, there's a period in Japanese history after WWII where American culture was really forced onto Japan. Consequently, there's lots of stories of Japanese learning baseball and then challenging Americans (sort of like Rocky but with baseball instead of boxing). I think there's some comics about this too :-)

    Good post, Mo-Town, but remember, your summary should hit on all of the main points of the reading. You're missing a few :-/

  4. I agree...I think Scott McCloud has a good plan for getting comcis back on the map...I also like your idea on how comics can make sport related comics...As an athlete I would be interested in reading them...