18 October 2009

family history

This was a very interesting comic. It was a story about a son and his father, how this son did not appreciate his father and felt that his father always competed with him. He felt that he could never do anything right compared to his father. In reality his father had just been through so much that he wanted his son to do and be better. To me it started as a everyday family story, a son feels the pressure of his father and the father putting pressure on him from his past, and wanting his son to be better and not live as he did. His son did not realize his fathers past and what he had to endure to get where he is. He later realizes his father's story when his father see's a old comic that he had written a long time ago.This comic offended his father and brought him to tears. His son not realizing this when writting now see's the affect it has after listening to his father story of getting through the war.

This has to be my favorite comic so far. It is a real life story of someones journey. It was very realistic and got me involved as if I was right there in those bunkers. The names and the translation of certain sentences were a little confusing however, the story was great. This is a comic that I could read some more of. the art was not as great as I would have liked it to be but I feel that was the point. I feel that it was not that great so it did not take away from the story, it just added a little more to it.


  1. I agree this comic was a really good comic. I liked how you talked about the father son relationship, maybe you could just explain more of the comic in your blog.
    Good job!

  2. I'm with Steph. Still, you're hitting on one of the most over-looked aspect of this comic, and that's good.