05 October 2009

Go Diversity!!!

Scott McCloud talks about the revolutions and how all of them come from the single idea, which is diversity. He talks about how this might help comics. He says that if comics could produce a more diverse product then it has a greater chance of earning a more diverse audience. But along with these solutions comes obstacles. Scott McCloud says that these obstacles include the disadvantages of beginning small and staying small, industries attitudes towards the work, and prejudice.
To help overcome these obstacles are the revolutions. Gender is one of the most striking, seeing as comics were made for little 14 year olds who could find anything else to do with their time but read comics. And nothing appeals better to little adolescent boys then superheroes. Along with these comics women were making comics of their own, and had been doing it for a long time. He talks about the issues of gender and how we can better improve it. Scott McCloud said “Through organizations and collective publishing efforts, the visibility of women in comics has been consistently promoted.”
Minority Representation, skin color is a popular issue. Scott McCloud says “Gradually, the ranks of comic free lancers began taking on more color and in the early nineties, a multicultural group of artist and writers called milestone formed an alliance with publisher from DC Comics to produce a line of multicultural heroes.” Along with skin color are politics, religious groups, and history.
Diversity of Genre, there is many genres in the world of comics and as Scott McCloud puts it as Genres are rarely created out of a whole cloth. He relates the story of Batman being a detective comic and not an action comic such as Superman. He also talks about how there are many different types of comics aside from superhero comics. He talks about how he loves superhero comics just like he love chocolate pie but who would want to eat chocolate pie for the rest of their lives.
The potential for comics is great! And these revolutions will only increase comics’ potential. There are many different diversities and many issues comics face. Comics I have found are a very complicated genre of writing. So much thought has gone into making comics more successful!

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  1. Good post, Steph. But remember to fully explain things for your reader--who may not have your knowledge of the subject.