15 October 2009

I Bet This Is Hard!!!

The comic Our Cancer Year is a comic that is emotional and very moving. Cancer is beyond a horrible and dangerous thing to encounter. This comic is about a man, named Harvey, who is believed to have a hernia but instead finds out a sad and horrible occurrence, Harvey has cancer. The doctor found a large tumor while doing a surgery for the hernia. The tumor is cancer, also know as lymphoma. Harvey and his wife, Joyce, begin to worry and become very afraid. Joyce even though she is afraid becomes very angry because she has questions and the doctor had ran off so fast she had no chance to get any of them answered. Harvey is scared also, but not scared of dieing exactly. He is scared that once he is gone he will not be able to take care of his wife. "My baby... My precious... What's going to happen to you? How will I be able to take care of you, now" (Harvey)? Harvey and his wife continue their lives while having to worry all the time. Harvey see's the doctor after the doctor performed many tests. The test result do have good news and the cancer has not spread. Joyce on the other hand is on the phone getting answers to her questions. When Harvey and Joyce are moving to a new house Harvey gets angry because he feels that everyone is trying to steal who he is and what he can do. Joyce goes to the new house to check on Stephanie, the carpenter. Joyce and Stephanie soon begin talking about the house and also more personal things. Stephanie may have cancer also and is a bit afraid. Joyce and her after the talk get emotional because they know what each other is feeling and going trough in this hard time.

This comic in my personal opinion was a good comic. The comic is just about normal people having to deal with this major shock of cancer. It shows how they change the way they act and feel after finding out this major news. People actually act like this when you find out something major as having cancer. When you hear that someone you know has cancer its a shock. You get all these thoughts of sadness and being afraid. I have seen these feelings in someone close to me when they found out someone near them had cancer. Yes that emotion was stronger because they had just lost another family member to cancer not to long ago. Just to fact of them finding out that something could be cancer scared them. Also it scares everyone and makes everyone think of what is happening around them. No one knows what is gonna happen in their lifes. This comic shows it perfect of normal people with love, anger, sadness, and shock over something that can be life changing.

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