02 October 2009

Last of a Dying Breed

Comics have apparently faltered a bit in the last decade since his last book Understanding Comics. Twelve Revolutions starts with the state of emergency that the comic community has been in as of late. McCloud states how he does use comics for fame but to help progress. Of course anybody who states such bold claims have to be telling the truth right? But something happened in a 5 year gap that changed comic books forever. Comics stop selling. I know right something as awesome as a comic not being purchased but it happened! Scott McCloud states that comics basically lost originality and purpose. Comics took a back pedal from being respected as an artform. Scott McCloud says many artists have to come into the genre to give comics something new and refreshing. Comics do not fall in the stereotypes that many people percieve. With all this said the intro to Twelve Revolutions is very very lackluster. To me as an reader I expected a lot more from Scott but how can you top your best writing. Anyways, I felt that this book will probably be very redundant to Understanding Comic. I do not think he was on his A game writing this book. Instead of getting an critical analysis we get confession from Scott McCloud which is okay I guess.

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  1. Decent post, Ashton, but proofread your work!

    But give McCloud (not Scott) a chance; I think you'll find this book is very different from UC though.