16 October 2009

Laughter Pain and Crying

Our Cancer Year. What can I say. Refreshing different than majority of the comic that we have read in this class of lately. Harvey who apprently was livitng with Cancer and was unaware of it thinking he just needs surgery to fix a hernia. Harvey finds out that he has cancer and he and his wife try to cope with the problem. Even with Harvey being sick, he still trying to find work to do ultimately failing because his body is too weak. His wife Joyce, also has problems dealing with the thought of her husband having cancer. She gets angry and stressed over certain situations. She yell at someone who keeps asking about seeing the apartment. She eventually reaches out to one of her friends.

Our Cancer Year is a very originial piece. It over a lot of dry humor. Unfortuntately to me I think all of the humor is darn near entirely not need. Cancer is a very serious discussion. It is weird to read about a situation and people disrespecting the doctor. And the doctor has the nerve to ask his patient pricing on a house? I hate reading somber stories with situations like that.

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  1. Your post is interesting, Ashton. I feel like you had a lot more to say in class that would have clarified your thoughts here. Also, proofread!