05 October 2009

Let's Save Comics

Scott McCloud has come up with twelve revolutions and of them there are three main one's that are holding back the expansion of comics to reach their full potential. Gender balance, genre diversity, and minority representation are the three things that are holding back comics. Comics are made by men and they appeal mainly to men. By only appealing to men, comic creators have cut out half of their potential audience. For women to become big time comic creators they must go through many obstacles like the unwelcoming boys' club image prejudice and starting off small. Women started to take over during WWII but were soon taken over by men afterwards. Though women artists started dying out there was still the few underground one's that would stick it out and they created different kinds of comics that were "raw, emotionally honest, politically charged and sexually frank. The structure and the art was different and it appeals now to both sexes. The minority representation is a problem because most comics are made by white males, some of which have little or no knowledge or interactions with different cultures and can give the wrong idea to the creator. Genre diversity is a problem that is hard to get past since comics are mainly associated with super heros. If the only kind of comic books being made are about super heros then the readers will eventually become bored. Different genres would appeal to different kinds of people. If all these revolutions were to improve then there would be a lot more comics book fans. Not only would it improve the fan base but it would make comics more interesting because their would be comics being created by so many different kinds of people that readers would get a different view. And maybe some people aren't comic fans but can eventually become one if a genre was made that appealed to them.


  1. Interesting post, what was your opinion though of McCloud's chapter? I have to disagree with you because it's not entirely true that comics are made by men. McCloud made that a point in the chapter. Some of the most famous comics are written by women but we don't realize it. Women need more recognition because they have an entirely different take on the art and the language of comics..now it's up to the audience/critics to accept and appreciate women in comics.

  2. I have to agree with Lynnae, Ed. You need to more carefully consider what it is you're writing.

    For example, gender balance, genre diversity, and minority representation are not holding back comics. Lack of "gender balance, genre diversity, and minority representation are the three things that are holding back comics."