01 October 2009

More B.S. Scott McCloud!

Scott McCloud never fails to give an in depth look into comics. In his introduction to "The Twelve Revolutions", McCloud talks about how he is a comics loyalist and how he is only drawn to things comics can do. In the world of comics McCloud isn't making comics so they end up on the TV screen or in the movie theatres. Neither is he hoping that one of his comics turns into an action figure or a playing cards that will bring in the cash. The comics business has not been very good lately and certain comics are feeling the pressure. As McCloud writes " The most serious threats to comics faces now are the loss of new talent as viable professionals opportunities dwindle, and the loss of new readers as the visibility of comics as a past time is diminished". This statement expresses the shortage of upcoming comics due to the pressure of finding a high paying job.

Another topic that McCloud talks about the goals that some comics always reach to achieve in the future. The first goal is that comics become more meaningful and have a story worthy of study. It's the fact that comics aren't considered literature, drives McCloud to explain how comics could eventually be in the same playing field as literature. Next comics need to be more artistic to bring in readers by the look of the panels. Some other ideas are the creator's rights to gain control in the comic and relay the message with a bigger kick. And industry innovation is the money part of this idea. Comics cant be writers if they have no money. Public perception of comics also needs to be raised. Comic books are not very popular now a days. McCloud has always wanted higher learning or the higher educated to look at comics with an even opinion. And comics need to have an appeal to not just men but also women. Last comics need to attract all minorities and create a more diverse genre of comics.

McCloud will never quit until his mission is accomplished. I found a flaw in McClouds introduction. In the beginning he says he is not in the comics business for the money. But in his ideas to make comics better, he says that more money needs to be brought in from the sales. It was hard to believe that money was of no concern to McCloud.


  1. That's a very good catch, Mo! Way to be observant! However, his hopes for improved sales is not for big businesses but the creator's themselves. So while he really may want comics to make more money, I think it's for a worthy goal. You?

  2. I think he means that he's not in it for the money, as in he's not making comics because it's easy money. It's kind of like an actor saying that he's not in movies because it pays well but because he wants to be famous or he loves acting. McCloud has different reasons too. More money would be better for comics as a whole, not for himself.