18 October 2009

Mouse Holes

This comic starts out with Artie as a little boy playing with his friends. He starts to cry because his friends leave because his roller skate becomes loose. He goes to his dad crying and his dad tries to comfort him and he tells Artie “that if you lock them together in a room for a week without food then you can see what it is friends!”
The comic shows Artie much older in his bed with his wife, talking on the phone with Mala about his father. His father then gets on the phone and asks Artie if he could come down to his house and help him with the drainage pipe. Artie says he can’t make it and is very sorry. The comic explains that he feels pressure from his father because he can’t do anything right in his eyes. A week later Artie goes to go see his father. When he gets there Artie’s father seems very mad at him. He goes to talk to Mala about it and finds out that he read one of his old comics he made. The comic was pretty much about Arties life. It was very personal. It talked about his mom committing suicide and how hard it was on him and his dad. His dad comes up from down stairs and Artie apologizes about the comic, and they talk about Anja (his mom). His dad forgives him and asks him to go with him to the bank. On the way to the bank the father starts telling Artie a story about his mother and him in the war.
His father tells him a lot of stuff that happened and what he went through. Artie did not realize the things his father had to go through and what he witnessed. He talks about making bunkers so that the Germans could not find them. He talks about how everyday he would get news about one of his close friends dying. One evening they received a visitor who claimed to be a father searching for food for his wife and kid. They sent him away with a little bit of food in the morning. Only to find out that that man was an informer, and later in the afternoon he rated them out to the Germans. They took them to a room with other prisoners. He tried to escape and help other escape but his plan did not work and Anja’s parents died. He continues telling stories about his days in the “ghetto” and how he found his way to survive along with Anja.
I enjoyed this comic. I learned a lot. I felt really bad for Arties father. He had gone through a lot. In the comic you can tell that their relationship between father and son grows a lot stronger as Artie begins to realize what his father went through. This comic was touching.


  1. I can see that they're relationship got stronger too at the end by the compassion that Artie shows his dad when he starts crying. The father lets him know he cares too because he wants him to have everything and not his wife.

  2. Good observation, Ed!

    Steph, could you have elaborated more on what you enjoyed, learned, etc.?