16 October 2009

One Word: Failure

Let down, frustrated, unhappy, disenchanted? Which synonym for disappointment would you prefer? After reading this comic about cancer I was about ready to throw it away. For such a serious topic, this comic handled cancer as if it was trivial. I am very disappointed with it. I wouldn’t read this comic, or any other comic by published by Thunder’s Mouth Press, again. If I wanted to read a comic that inconsiderably discussed cancer and its’ effects I would talk to a child who knew nothing about it.

I understand the problems and the effects of cancer, and also what the comic was trying to convey—but it was done badly. I don’t think the seriousness was in the comic, and it could have been a lot more considerable and better. The clarity of the art was lacking (the people and faces all seemed to have changed and at times were terrifying to look at) and the language was casual. Of which, the grammar was wrong! “Cancer,” “tumor,” “admissions,” do those REALLY need quotation marks? Doubt it. Unless it was being sarcastic…and if it was then that is only more offensive.

In a few sentences, the comic was about a man, Harvey, who was only going to the hospital for surgery. However, during surgery the doctor noticed he had a tumor which happened to be Lymphoma. Moving along a few pages, his wife, Joyce, finds ways of coping with the scary thought that her husband’s cancer has spread through out his body. Together, Harvey and Joyce go through anguish, anger, and acceptance. Eventually, the comic ends…and that’s it. I don’t’ really know what happens next, except Harvey’s cancer doesn’t spread and Joyce finishes the comic by holding on tightly to a woman. Some ending. I was left wondering, “What happens next? Does Harvey live? Do they love their new house!?!” I’ll never know.

Ya know, but maybe that’s the best way to end the comic after it pretty much ended my night. Well, perhaps I am overreacting, but I really didn’t like this comic…and it’s always fun to spice it up a bit by purposely bashing a comic. ;)

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