15 October 2009

Our Cancer Year??

This comic is so weird. I think I lost track of who has cancer and who doesn’t. I think most of this comic is about Harvey. Harvey’s going to get an operation for a hernia, but instead the doctor finds that Harvey doesn’t have a hernia he has cancer. The doctor’s name is Dr. Cantor. Dr. Cantor isn’t very helpful and he doesn’t seem to give Harvey and Joyce enough attention after telling them the bad news. He tells them Harvey has cancer and goes on his way.

This comic is scary. I don’t like looking at the pictures because the people scare me and they look like predators. I was trying to only focus on the speech balloons, but the faces were so eye catching.

I think this is a very typical story on cancer. My mom had a tumor and the doctors said if they didn’t find the tumor when they did my mom would be either retarded or dead. This comic is similar to what my mom and my family went through. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, so they told her that she just had the flu. She kept going in to see the doctors and they treated her badly and no one gave her the time of day. They thought that she was faking an illness. Finally by accident, after several cat scans, the doctors found a tumor on my mom’s brain. My mom handled the news her way and the rest of my family handled it another. It caused a lot of tension within our family because my mom felt like we didn’t care about her and we didn’t know how to talk to her and explain that we were just worried. Many people came to our families aid and shared their stories about beating cancer or different ways to deal.

I think this comic is helpful. Unless you have had an experience with illnesses and cancer I don’t think anyone will really understand the importance of this comic. I think this comic is trying to explain the steps of what someone with cancer should do. The comic talks about cat scans, the machine that will find the cancer. Bad doctors or doctors that don’t seem like they care. It talks about how people with cancer deals with their situation and how family members deal with the situation because each will deal with them differently. It addresses the tension cancer can cause within families because everyone is dealing with the situation in their own way. The comic has an 800 number to call for more information and guidance on cancer. Another important issue this comic talks about is how people with cancer notice other cases, but weren’t aware of them before.

I didn't appreciate the art...haha...


  1. Amanda, I really appreciate what you had to say. I do agree with you. The comic did shine light on cancer and the affects it has...but I don't think it was taken as serious as it should have been. I feel like the comic wasn't at it's full potential.
    But, the art was scary!! haha, the faces were frightening to look at!

  2. Great post, Amanda! I can appreciate not liking the art, but you have to at least appreciate the artists attempt at expressionist art in comics ;-)

  3. Maybe Mr. Ben V...I think I can appreciate the art...I just cant look at it ever again...yup that sounds good...