14 October 2009

Cancer is Spreading

This reading Our Cancer Year first starts off by Joyce’s brother, Tod stopping by their house. Joyce’s husband, Harvey tells Tod that he has an operation coming up and he thinks he has a hernia. On the day of surgery Harvey is really worried and wants to get to the hospital on time. Harvey finally gets there and finishes his operation. The doctor has bad news for Harvey he tells him that he has a large tumor. Both Harvey and Joyce are both freaking out because Dr. Cantor doesn’t really give them a clear understanding of what is going on. Dr. Cantor doesn’t really elaborate because he is in a rush, he tells Harvey to follow up with him in a few days. Harvey is a little paranoid now and doesn’t know what to think. Harvey and Joyce that night couldn’t sleep at all. The next day Harvey went to go see a lawyer to make sure that Joyce would get everything when he dies. On the other hand, Joyce is calling the cancer information to get more insight on some of her questions and concerns for cancer. After a few days, Harvey goes to his follow up and finds out that the cancer didn’t spread. Harvey then tries to help move some cinder blocks out of the house and Joyce is telling him not to carry it because he just got surgery. Harvey doesn’t really care though and starts to become so frustrated with the cancer and starts flying the cinder blocks. Joyce then goes to their new house to let Harvey cool off and unpack some of the stuff. While at the new house she checks in with Stephanie, the carpenter. Come to find out, Stephanie has a family history of breast cancer and had recently found a lump. She was going into the doctors to get her second mammogram. Stephanie also brings up that the electrician’s wife died from cancer. Stephanie says that it happens to a lot of people, but we just don’t notice until it happens to you.

I thought that this reading was funny and corny. What cracked me up the most was the part where Harvey is freaking out about being late, Joyce tells him “Don’t Worry. Cantor really, really wants to slice and dice you. The guys a known Maniac. He’ll wait. He’s probably been ready for hours, too, just polishing his scalpel….So Shut Up!” I thought that phrase was so funny. Although, that would be pretty mean if someone really said that. Overall I thought that the dialogue was corny. This comic was very different from the other comics that we have read. This comic included very little dialogue and more pictures. It allowed us to commit more closure as readers, which was pretty good. I think they tried to put together humor and a serious issue, to make it more enjoyable for readers. I thought the art of the comic was terrible; it was hard to recognize which characters were who in several scenes. Also the characters looked creepy in some scenes. I don’t know that’s just my thoughts. Overall I thought that it was enjoyable and was something different. It was interesting to read a comic that didn’t have a superhero in it.


  1. Good post, Kahoku, just proofread more closely ;-)

  2. I thought this post was weird too...It was hard to not focus on the ugly faces...