19 October 2009

Survivors Tale

This comic is an autobiography on one of the people that was a survivor of the holocaust. The comic first starts out by Artie roller skating as a young kid. His roller skate broke and his friends rolled off without him. He came in crying to his dad and his dad asked him to hold the wood he was sawing and made a comment on friends. The start of Chapter 5 shows Artie sleeping and getting a phone call from Mala saying that his dad needed him to come over to help fix the drainpipe. Artie expresses his frustration with his dad to his wife and how his father drove him crazy when he asked him to fix things. About a week later, Artie comes over to see his dad and Mala tells him that his dad might have read his comic about his mom committing suicide. The comic is called Prisoner on the Hell Planet. It is about Artie blaming himself for his mothers death and how he had to comfort his father instead of him comforting Artie. Next Artie and his dad walk to the bank and Artie’s dad starts to tell Artie about his experiences in 1943. Vladek starts with telling Artie about being moved to the ghetto and having to live in a small cottage. Other people in the ghetto had to sleep outside. Vladek had to make a decision on whether he would send his young son away with someone else so he would be safer or keep his son there with him. Vladek decided to send his son with Persis so his son might have a better chance of living, but he found out later that his son died.
I can’t imagine this happening to anyone. I really liked this comic because it was about something that really happened. I’m not very good in history classes, but I think I would enjoy learning history through a comic rather then reading regular history books. I thought this was the best comic we read so far because it addressed real issues that made the reader want to continue reading

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