18 October 2009

Small Sad Mouse Story

This comic starts off with Artie rollerblading with his friends but then breaks his skate and gets ditched. He tells his dad, Vladek, what happens and he tells Artie, "If you can lock them together in a roo for a week then you could see what it is, friends." Then the story flashes forward to the future with Artie getting a phone call from Mala, his step mother complaining about his father fixing a drain on the roof. His father gets on the phone and asks his son to come over to help. He doesn't. A week later Artie goes to his father's house and notices he's acting strange. He finds out from his step mother that Vladek read a comics that Artie made a long time ago about his life. It was a very person comic about his mom's suicide and the things he and his dad went through. Vladek read it and got all the bad memories back that he went through with Anja, his dead wife. Artie and Vladek go for a walk to the bank and on the way Vladek tell his son the story of what they experienced during WWII. He told him of all the hiding, moving, deception, hunger, killing, and most importantly the loss of all Anja's family. She lost everyone. When they arrive at the bank, Vladek tells his son that he's making an extra key to his belongings in case he were to die. In there he has a diamond that he gave to Anja and some other things that he managed to hide during the war. He wants him to have it instead in Mala, who wants all the money for herself after he dies. He tells him that she's already made him change the will four times. He then starts crying and calling out Anja's name.
I enjoyed this comic so much. I really got into it. I feel for them when they have to hide out. I can feel their desperation and fear. I can imagine what I would do in those situations. It must have been so hard. It makes me appreciate the freedom I have. I also feel for the father and son. I can relate to Artie because I sometimes feel the same way about my father. This comic was great.


  1. This is one of your better posts, Ed. I'd have liked a more detailed summary of Vladek's story, but I like that you really got into the father/son relationship side of the comic--that's often over-looked as unimportant.

  2. I enjoyed this comic and appreciate my freedom too

  3. You did a really good summery, Ed. You related to the comic and I think it showed in your writing.

    Great Blog!

  4. I feel the same way. I got into the comic as well and felt really sad for the problems they ran into while in hiding. This was a horrible time in history and am very greatful for the freedom that I have!