02 October 2009

This too, Shall Past.

The thought of reading another Scott McCloud chapter made me want to faint. The assignment giving on Introduction: The twelve Revolutions by Scott McCloud, was actually not that bad. Although I'm still not a huge fan of all his writings. I felt like he was saying the same thing over and over again, but I did have an open mind. It was a decent chapter, explaining more in depth about comics.

It seems like comics go through a cycle, raising and falling, reinvented and then is lost in what should happen next. Scott McCould describes nine important steps in comics. "One-Comics as Literature, Two-Comics as Art, Three-Creators' Rights, Four-Industry Innovation, Five-Public Perception, Six-Institutional Scrutiny, Seven-Gander Balance, Eight-Minority Representation, Nine-Diversity of Genre" (11). Over the years starting when comics were first issued there has been a huge progress in these areas through out decades.

There were many different types of artist's and writers, and all with different type of success. The ways they decided to write and put their art together was all very unique in some way. Many comic legends began their paths on a comic ladder only to find that there journey was cut a bit short and had to face the down fall.

Beginning in the 90's comics has been making its way back up into society. Instead of comics being just a simple thing, Scott McCloud hopes that comics can be appreciated for their compelling genres. Comics too, shall have there purpose in this world.


  1. I do have to say that this intro of McCloud's would have fit perfectly in his "Understanding Comics". He, again, discussed the lack of recognition and respect for comics. It seems as though that's what his true purpose is as far as comics are concerned. It's what majority of his topics fall back on - some sort of recognition for comics.

  2. It is not just recognition that McCloud wants. He thinks it is necessary for comic artists/fans to find the first layer that comics were built on and proceed to create new ideas for comics to rebuild it's purpose. There is so much more depth behind comics that we aren't seeing.

  3. Good comments, ladies.

    And pretty good post, Mel. But what about the last three revolutions, and what's their purpose? Also, don't forget to proofread.