02 October 2009

The Twelve Revolutions: Intro

I kind of liked our reading of The Twelve Revolutions, by Scott McCloud. He basically talks about how Comics at one time were really prospering. However, this was due to elements that would later hold back Comics from becoming what they truelly should be. As Comics began to grow and seem to be taking off, they were really, "peaking" or getting to the highest level that the medium would get to (McCloud 9). As this happened the explotion of diversity in Comics died out because of the lack of interest by consumers. This led to Comics falling out of being or becoming a mainstream medium.

So McCloud basically states all that should be a part or piece of, "comics", which are the Twelve Revolutions." If this is done then Comics shoudl thrive and prosper again. However, McCloud says that getting Comics to become a thriving medium must be done a certain way. He says that Comics don't really need to chnage, but need to adapt and consume other ideas to create new genres. MCloud says this in, " The Challenge is not to move foward, but to grow outward.

I really liked this readign, it was kind of confusing, but for the most part i think i got a handle on it. I thought this reading was a lot easier comprehend then most of, "Understanding Comics." It also explained some things that i was left questioning about Understandign Comics. Such as a litttle bit more detail about the past o f Comics.

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  1. I'm glad you liked this reading, Zach--seems you're one of the few ;-)

    It also seems you got a good grasp of McCloud's purpose with this second book. But don't forget to proofread!