02 October 2009

Twelve Revolutions?
The Twelve Revolutions by Scott McCloud talks about where comics are now and where they would like to be in the future. From 1994 to 1998 the demand of comics declined causing many comic book stores to close down. Scott McCloud hopes to turn the comic book medium around by introducing his idea on how comics can reach their full potential. He thinks comics can reach their full potential by focusing on these key components, which are comics as literature, comics as art, creators’ rights, industry innovation, public perception, Institutional scrutiny, gender balance, minority representation, diversity of genre, digital production, digital delivery, and digital comics. Scott McCloud’s solution for comics are for them to “grow outward” (22), instead of move forward. He means that he thinks comic artists should not lose sight of what they have already gained when they are working on other goals. Scott McCloud also thinks artists should create comics for a broader audience, which will help comics branch out into different genres.

I don’t really know what I think about this reading. It was a little boring, but it made me think of all the possibilities comics have in our society today. Our society has a broader view of life and therefore comics have a fighting chance for greatness or to reach their full potential. I feel like in today’s world anything is accepted. I don’t know why comics as a higher form of art wouldn’t be accepted too. I don’t think my generation has experienced prejudice like other generations before us, so I think we are a generation that is more open minded to trying new things and accepting new ideas.

In the old days only the rich were educated, books were few, paintings were a form of higher art, and miniatures were luxuries. When nursery rhymes came about they were intended for adults and had many sexual innuendos, but people would refer to them as children’s books because they thought of them as a lesser medium. I think they just didn’t want others to know that they found pleasure reading books with no serious literature. I think the history of our people being mostly uneducated is why comics were placed with the lesser mediums. I don’t really know…this is just what I was thinking about…


  1. I totally agree with you on your second paragragh. Our society I believe does have a broader view and is more accepting to different ideas. I think that we have so many different types of media now days that people dont take the time to appreciate the arts that are available to us, like comics.

  2. P.S. Why do you always have a LAME TITLE??????

  3. You Butt kisser you dont appreciate comics!! as for the second comment why does your breath stink!! Mind your business...I can write whatever I want for my title...Worry about your own blog...There is enough there to worry about already

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