15 October 2009

What the Heck!!!

Okay, to begin I would like to say that this comic was actually pretty freakin lame. It starts out with a guy stopping in to chat with his family, Harvey and Joyce about where he had been and what they were up to. Then, the story all of the sudden just jumps to Joyce and Harvey getting ready to go to the hospital for Harvey’s operation. They have a little bit of an argument that is actually pretty funny. Harvey is freaking out that they are going to be late and that they are going to have to reschedule. Joyce just tells him to relax and that Dr. Cantor is a “manic” about “slicing and dicing” people. The hospital will not make them reschedule. She tells Harvey to “shut up!” It really made me laugh, added spice to the random comic.

Harvey goes into surgery and as Joyce is enjoying her warm cup of coffee when Dr. Cantor comes towards her and explains that Harvey really has lymphoma, which is a type of tumor in his lymph nodes. Joyce is freaking out when the Dr. Cantor basically walks away leaving her with a lot of unanswered questions. When Joyce finally gets to see Harvey they are both very worried and need some more information on what kind of tumor Harvey has. It is really funny because Joyce gets really frustrated and says, “No. We need to talk to his doctor. Who left. We don’t know what’s going on. Get Cantor back here…GET HIM BACK HERE NOW.” The picture changes when she is yelling to get the doctor back in there and the sketch of her face is quite scary and disturbing. After they find out that they must get a cat scan they both go home and must wait at least 10 days before they know any kind of results.

Harvey gets the CAT scan and then it randomly jumps to Joyce getting after Harvey for carrying cinder blocks to the car for their new house. Harvey has a break down and throws the cinder blocks into the wall and out of the house. Joyce runs out of the house and into her car, when her landlords show up for an appointment that Joyce forgot about. Joyce won’t let them in the house and they get a little put out because she won’t let them in the house. They finally decide that it is okay that they wait to see the apartment to give Joyce a break for what is going on with her husband.

This next part really confused me and I have absolutely no idea why it is even in the story. Joyce goes and checks on the carpenter Stephanie and they start talking about her ex husband and how she is no longer pregnant. Then it goes to some other person who talks about recycling the “lumber” in the old apartment and then to incubators and a pediatric nurse that wants to become some electrician. Then there is this random comment about smoking and who cares about Harvey because he already has cancer. Freakin random!!

This comic was so weird and I really got confused in certain parts. All of the pictures make the people look angry all of the time. What did the brother at the beginning of the story have to do with Harvey’s cancer problem. Also, what did the carpenter and old wood boards have anything to do with the whole story. We never find out if Harvey has more tumors or if he is going to live. The story just ends at a really random place and I can’t figure out how any parts of the story really fit together to make a story. Weird and random reading.

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  1. Good post, Scottie. I can appreciate not understanding random scenes, but it might be helpful to explain why it bothers you so much ;-)