15 October 2009


I found this comic weird and all over the place. It starts out with Joyce’s Brother Tod returning back from long hitchhiking trip. Hervey, Joyce’s husband asks Tod if he will help them move out, because he is going to have an operation, and it might be a hernia. The comic jumps from that night to the morning as Harvey tries to wake up Joyce to go to the hospital 2 hours early. It shows the family worried about Harvey and his operation as they drive to the hospital. When they get to the hospital they take Harvey into the operation room. It shows Harvey and Joyce talking to one another about how much they care and love each other. Harvey goes into surgery which was supposed to take several hours, but a half hour later the doctor comes out of the surgery. The doctor gives them no information about Harvey just that he has a tumor. The family is worried and confused.
The Doctor touches basis with Harvey and tells him that he has Lymphoma and that they need to set up a cat scan for him. The family is scared and really mad at the doctor for leaving them without any information. Nurses try to ease the family’s burdens by giving them information that the CAT scan will show them if Harvey has more cancer.
Harvey is scared and starts to write a will in case he dies. Joyce calls one of her friends to help her relax. The friend tells her to call a cancer hot line to answer any questions that she might have. She calls the cancer hot line and they answer all of the questions she has along with easing her burdens. Harvey gets his cat scan and they find out that the cancer has not spread and the cancer is only in one lymph Node.
Harvey and Joyce have decided to keep on moving on in life and continue with moving out of their old apartment. Joyce tries to help Harvey with moving out some heavy cinder blocks but Harvey won’t let her. He has a little tizzy fit and throws the cider blocks.
This is where I get a little lost in the comic. Joyce goes to the new house to check in with the carpenter. The carpenter tells Joyce a story about her ex and how she is pregnant. They then begin to talk about recycling wood from the old apartment, and how the carpenter used to be a pediatric nurse. Then they start talking about how the carpenter might have breast cancer. Then the comic goes back to Harvey talking to one of his friends about his doctor and how he asked him about real estate. It then goes back to Joyce and Stephanie the carpenter who knows what.
This comic was WEIRD!!! I have no idea what Joyce’s brother Tod had anything to do with the comic. Nor did I know what Stephanie the carpenter had anything to do with it. The beginning of the comic made perfect since but towards the end it lost me.


  1. Good post, Steph, but keep in mind that we only read one chapter from the book--those characters may become important later. But do these characters really break the story?

  2. yeah that was my baad. I guess I should of looked at it better.
    No they don't when we discussed it in class I understood the comic better.
    Thank you!