07 November 2009

V for Vendetta the peoples villain

The movie V for Vendetta is a great villain movie. It is about a man they they only know by his mask. He wears a white Halloween type mask. It is very mysterious because we never see his face, but the one thing we do see are his red hands. They look to be extremely burnt because of a fire to the insane asylum. V, the mysterious villain, is looked at as a terrorist to the government. He has the people rally behind him in his quest to overthrow the Great Britain government. V fights for the rights of the people. He can easily be seen as a convict because he does kill a couple cops, but they deserved it. What I mean is the people of Great Britain are not given the freedom they deserve. Evey, Natalie Portman, plays the role of V's sidekick. In the end when V dies she carries out his mission and blows up a historic building to show his disapproval of the government.
I had never seen this movie before and I liked it. It was a nice change from normal hero movies. The hero is a bad guy in a sense but he fights for the people. I would compare this movie to Robin hood because both men fight for what is right.


  1. I would have to say that I disagree with you. I don't think the movie was that great. There is really not enough information for V's character to really make his terrorist acts very plausible. I understand that he is doing it for revenge and because he wants the people to have more freedom, but why not give his whole story so we know more of the reasons to blowing up Parliament.

  2. Yeah I agree with Scottie. I didn't really like the movie and what it potrayed.

  3. I think, Scottie, that in the movie it implies why V is killing government officials. Not only for political change but also for his own revenge. Even though it isn't necessarily heroic to kill everyone who did something bad to him, along with other victims, but V was doing what he thought was right for Britain society indirectly.

    Mo-Town, I don't think it was a great movie but I thought it was alright. I do agree with you to a certain extent. I like how you said V is different from other "normal" heroes. Rather than he being a hero who saves people from bank robberies, he was a rebel and killed government officials. V isn't exactly the norm and it's nice to watch a hero who steps out of the box. However, your summary is a little choppy :) But I am on your side! Not a horrible movie...but not a awesome movie.

  4. hmm I think there is more than enough information about V's character...Adding more would take away from the mystery of it all...We know that the people V killed tortured him...I dont know why anyone would need to know anything more than that...I do not agree with revenge, but at the same time I have never been tortured and I cant say what I would do in that situation...This movie reminded me of the jews situation...

    So overall I guess I would have to say that I disagree...

    I like your idea of V not being a normal hero

  5. By the way I liked the movie too