08 November 2009


This movies first begins with Evey being rescued by V. He is a masked man who is very skilled in fighting. As the movie goes on, Evey and V become really close and start to bond with one another. Evey begins to find out about the past of V and the background behind his life. Evey becomes V’s ally and helps him to achieve freedom and justice within the corrupt society. V is the only one that is willing to stand up against the government. Part of it has to do with what the government had done to him a long time ago. He starts to search for people one by one and quickly take them all down, in his attempt to overthrow the Great Britain government. In the end, he kills all the people that he set out for, but dies.

The movie really reminded me of Batman. It reminded me of Batman because they both wanted revenge for what happen in their past, so they become this masked vigilante in order to achieve this. Along with that, everyone in the society was corrupt and there were very few people you could trust. Also there was a woman involved in both movies that each masked man wanted to be with.

I read everybody’s blog and it didn’t really seem like anyone enjoyed it very much. I thought it was awesome. The storyline was great and it really made me want to keep watching the movie. I think that it is definitely a movie worth buying.

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