08 November 2009

The Villian V

I would have to say that the movie, “V for Vendetta” was not one of my favorite movies. The movie starts out with a man by the name of V saving a girl named Evey and tells her to come and watch a symphony with him. V says that it is going to be magnificent! Evey says that she should be getting home, but V talks her into it and she goes. Evey and V walk out on a roof top and V starts conducting music, which Evey doesn’t hear for a little while until a building blows up. Evey is very startled and doesn't really know what to do at this point. This opening scene really sets the stage for the rest of the movie.

V’s character is an escapee from an insane asylum that is run by Norsefire. V is badly treated and ends up getting severely burned all over his body. He is seeking revenge from those people who treated him this way and most and his final plan is to free the people by blowing up the Parliaments. He is recognized by wearing a white, smiling mask with long black hair, and a cape. Evey, I guess you could say is sort of a side kick to V’s plan, but like most movies both V and Evey end up falling in love at the end of the movie, before V is brutally shot and dies in Evey’s arms. Evey tells V that she doesn’t want to live in fear anymore from her awful experiences as a child. The only way that V knows how to fix this problem is make her go through the some of the same processes that he had to go through in the insane asylum. In the end, what V did to her worked and she was no longer afraid of what was going to happen to her and if she was ever going to get caught for working with a terrorist. V’s plan worked, in the end he ends up killing the high chancellor, Sutler and all of the rest of the people who tortured him in the asylum. V dies before he can finish his task of blowing up the Parliaments. Evey decides that she needs to finish it for V and to give the people hope. Parliament is blown to pieces and V’s life work is accomplished, the people make a stand, wearing V’s same mask as they storm parliament’s grounds.

I have honestly never heard of this movie and was not really impressed. I wish that there was a little bit more to V’s background and of what happened at the insane asylum. I am not quite sure why he does exactly what he does. Yes, I understand that he is seeking revenge, but there has to be more of a reason to kill everybody that he does. I think that most of the time the colors in the movie were so dark that I couldn’t really see the fight scenes or some of the action that is taking place. I kind of don’t understand the story, but am glad that I have seen it and will probably only ever watch it this one time. I don’t know if I would really recommend it to anyone.

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