08 September 2009

It's Over Already? That Was Fast

In this final chapter, McCloud, starts off by telling us that no one can fully 100% understand what it's like to be you. Comics, movies, music, and writing are all mediums that one person tries to communicate to another person. Most of the time, the final product is not even close to the original idea but I guess the difference between a good and poor quality comic is how much of the original idea is actually still in the final product. To understand comics you must first clear your minds of all the stereotypes about them. looking at ancient comics and studying the evolution can be the key to comics' future. McCloud explains comics for the last time by pretty much summing up all the topics he's talked about in the previous chapters. He brings up closure, realistic and simple art, and time and space. Today, comics use these things better than ever but it is always changing. Some parts of the world are isolated from each other so comics evolve differently. The possibilities for comics are endless.
I know exactly what McCloud is talking about when he says that it's hard to get what's in your head onto a paper exactly how you imagined it. Just today I pictured in my head a funny image of a man but when i tried to share my idea, it ended up looking nothing like I imagined and it wasn't nearly as funny to my friend on paper as it was to me in my head. I know exactly what he means when he says that no other person can put themselves in your shoes and feel exactly what you feel. Reading this actually made me think a lot because I'm dealing with some things right now and me and some other people aren't at all seeing eye to eye but that's because they're not me. McCloud says that a big part of understanding another person is understanding the medium. I know that I don't completely understand comics now that I finished this book but I at least understand it a little more. I don't think I'll try to discover the future of comics either but at least now i can appreciate this form of communication more now.