16 September 2009

Electronic Reserves

Since I couldn't show the exact website in class this morning, I thought I'd just post a link to E-Reserves here. If you missed class (or weren't paying attention--you know who you are), you need to read "Detective Comics #27" from the Batman Begins file. In case you're wondering (you know, for MLA purposes), the file is titled Batman Begins because that's the title of the collection from which we're reading "Detective Comics #27." Also, I gave you all the password needed in class, but if (again) you weren't there or weren't paying attention (Slackers!) you'll have to e-mail me to get it. There's no blog required for this one. Just be prepared to compare this to Action Comics #1. See you Friday!
SuperMan…Whats scribbled on the front of his shirt?
The first Superman comic is how I pictured every comic. It was probably my old definition of how I thought of comics and what I expected reading. The first Superman comic had word balloons, bad art, lame dialogue, and no plot. I think I have mentioned in one of my other posts that I assumed that all comics had to have word balloons. I have recently learned that this isn’t so, but all throughout the first Superman comic there were word balloons. I think because I’ve only ever read superhero comics, like this Superman comic, this is probably were my assumption about word balloons came from.
I also thought the art was bad. I didn’t like the fact that the people weren’t detailed. I think the art leans more towards iconic abstraction than realistic art because the pictures weren’t detailed and you recognized what things are by their shape only. The faces barely have any details at all and anything far away is only recognized by their shape. This comic uses both art and language to tell a story, but I don’t think it tells the story very well, partly because the dialogue is lame. I think whoever wrote this comic could have done a better job at the dialogue. It just wasn’t fun to read. I don’t even know what part of the story was the climax… There was three main parts where he was saving someone or fighting someone, but I didn’t think that they were more interesting than any of the other scenes.
The transitions that were used most in this comic are action-to-action and subject-to-subject. I think I expected these transitions in a superhero comic because I’ve read other superhero comics that use the same transitions and this comic seems to follow other superhero comic’s stereotypes.
There also wasn’t any subtle passing of time. The comic was very blunt about it. I didn’t think they involved the readers as much as they could because they didn’t allow the reader to make that guess by the drawings or the language that time was passing. They told the reader that time was passing. Some they showed in individual panels saying the amount of time that has passed and others they showed through clocks. I think it would have been better if they would have involved the reader a little bit more and show the time passing through their art.
In the video we watched of Scott McCloud analyzing Hell Boy comics, Scott McCloud said something about people having this assumption that comics were made for one genre. He goes on to say that if you took superman out of comics than people wouldn’t assume that comics were for kids. I agree with him. I don’t think I would have all these wrong assumptions of comics if Superman was removed from comic history.
I’ve learned my favorite part about comics is the gutters because I get to help tell the story. I like that.

Oldies, Classics, Etc

Action Comics No. 1 was an alright comic. It started out with Superman and how he came to be on Earth. Superman's father sent him to Earth in a spaceship before his home planet was destroyed. As a boy he had a miraculous strength, which grew as he matured into a man. Of course Superman turned to the good side, fought evil, and helped those in need. The rest of the Comic follows as usual, with Superman defeating the bad guys.
All the other Comics were pretty much the same story line, except that Superman is a, "Superhero." The rest of the stars of each Comic were ordinary men with extraordinary talents. Take Chuch Dawson for instance, he was just a cowboy who was looking to have justice served to the A-G Outfit crooks. Other of the Comics had stars such as a champion boxer and a magician.
A couple of the Comics in this series were very diferent then the average hero defeats villian comic. One of which was about the thief, "Sticky Mit Stimson." This Comic was more about comedy rather then good versus evil.

All in all I didn't really care too much for the Comics. They lacked a lot of thought in detail. The Comics didn't really grab my attention because they were so vague in the story. However, by the looks of them, the Comics seem pretty old. So the story line was probably really attention grabbing for that day and time. I also don't think that they are a very bad start for some of the first Comics made, but they are far from what we have come to.

Superman #1

I thought the first issue of Superman, was so cool. I really wasnt not expecting to read what I have read. I actually found out how Superman had notice his powers at a very young age, but at an infant stage.The story lines were about some real situations, like the domestic violence, how women were not as equal as men, and disrespected. It pharsed some political issues, like the death penality. Superman of course saves the day in all situations brought up. I started comparing how comics looked back then to how they look in modern society.

The color was a little darker and like a pal sort of color. Where as the comics I have seen in this generation, are more colorful. I also notice that some of the worda were spelled a bit different. One thing I saw interesting was how the women were drawn in the comic. They are rather manly if you ask me. The facial expessions were just like supermans. The only difference was the to know that they were women they had a dress of that superman addressed them as women. In this superman comic I thought how it was neat that they state different facts at the begining.

I noticed that in this comic, the stories jump around, from situation to situation. Which was nice but I king of wish there was more detail. I was a bit ashamed when I was thinking of spiderman when reading this comic. Maybe becuase they both worked in publishing, and of course always a girl involved. So I felt bad because I had to refocus my mind to superman. Overall I was impressed with this comic, now I know what the beginning of Superman was like. Oh, one more thing, the comic outline was more of a children book in my eyes, becuase of the words, but I liked it because I knew more of what to expect.

How it all Began

The Superman comic was very enjoyable and funny. The beginning page gives us an understanding of how superman was sent to earth as a baby and how he discovered his super human strength. Superman’s first mission was to find the governor in order to prove a lady’s innocence. Superman shows the governor the proof and saves the woman from being electrocuted. Next it shows Clark Kent at his work place called the Daily Star. Kent’s assignment given to him from his boss is to cover reports on Superman. They also show us the brief relationship of Lois and Clark. They both are dancing at the road house, but a man named Butch goes over and rudely interrupts them. Clark doesn’t stand up at all for Lois so she takes care of matters herself, by slapping him across the face. Lois then takes off in a cab calling Clark a “coward”. Butch and his friends follow Lois and try to ram them off the road. They kidnap Lois, but along comes Superman to save the day. In the last pages Superman is assigned to go to San Monte but instead goes to Washington D.C. He discovers somebody who is involved to try and corrupt the senator, but Superman kidnaps the man and the comic’s ends.
Overall I thought that the comic was very interesting and funny. I really liked that the comic was short because at first I thought the whole comic was fifty something pages because that’s what I saw on the bottom. But come to find out it was only thirteen pages so that was good. Although I didn’t like that it ended by saying to be continued. I wanted to see what was going to happen next. The funny parts in the comic were definitely the fighting scenes and the one liner's. It did make me kind of mad when Clark Kent got punked by Butch. I just wanted him to punch his face so bad, but I understand that he didnt want to reveal his identity. For the comic being so old, I noticed that the art in the comics was simple and displayed very little detail. Also some of the language was weird and hard to understand. Now day’s comics put more detail into their pictures and are much longer in page length.

15 September 2009

Good ol' Superman!

Superman is a hottie with a body! This Classic Superman comic starts out the way we all knew it would. With Superman's planet being destroyed, or blown up and the only way to save Superman is to have his parents send him to our lovely planet. . . Earth. Somebody finds him and sends him to a orphanage, but it isn't long until they realize that there is something different about this young man. He has super human strength, and can run and jump faster and higher than anything known to man.
In this comic we find out that Superman's secret identity is Clark Kent and that he works at the news paper as a reporter. He goes around saving peoples lives, bring peace, and bring justice, one day at a time, while still doing his job.
In the comic one day Clark Kent gets the courage to ask Lois on a date. On this date a man named Butch decided that he wants to cut in and have a dance with Lois. Clark lets him and Lois is very upset. She calls him a coward, jumps into a cab and drives home. But on the way Butch followers her, and steals her. But to her surprise Superman is there to save her.
There is a strange contrast between Superman, and Clark Kent. Superman is bold and not afraid of anything. He goes around saving peoples lives and bring justice to the people. He is not afraid to stand up for himself and not afraid to but himself in dangers way. Clark Kent on the other hand is a little "cowered" as Lois explains it. He is scared to stand up for himself, and for those around him.
I found myself laughing out loud while reading this comic. I enjoyed it! I love how straight forward it is and how quick to the point it is. A big difference, and a sigh of relief from Scott McCloud.

Doggone it, it's Superman

After reading this Superman comic, I've realized how much times have changed. You can tell how old it is by the art and the things they say like "doggone it". But what was the real give away way the distress call. It wasn't a robbery or a fire, it was a wife-beating! Man that part cracked me up. But this comic was pretty entertaining even though it was super corny. The styles have change too. The action isn't as brutal as it is now at days. It didn't even show the knife break off of Superman's skin probably because it was too graphic. Or maybe it was intentionally left out by the creator for closure. The comic is also very fast paced. I wanted to know more about Superman coming to earth and his childhood. I think if a comic like that would have been made today then people wouldn't like it because of this. Or maybe that part of Superman's life is just saved for another episode. But I can really see how this was really popular back in the day. It made people think and have better imaginations. It's still entertaining to even me today. Comparing this comic to the other one that we were assigned to read and blog about, this one pays much less attention to facial expressions than the more current one does. I think I can enjoy reading this one more than current ones just like I sometime prefer to play Super Mario on the Super Nintendo than X Box or something. The ideas were a lot more simple back then too. An alien from another planet lands on earth that has good morals and saves people is a really easy story to understand. The story now at days are what make it so interesting to follow. Like the new Wolverine Origins movie was about how he came to be. It is so complicated but that's what makes it good. I noticed that the panel transition were mainly subject to subject rather than todays comics that are action to action according to McCloud. I enjoyed reading this comic and I enjoyed reading the newer comic too. So guess now I like reading comics. I've become one of those people.


Wow, I haven’t read a comic like that in my whole life. Superman is a very old comic and a story that almost everybody knows whether they read comics or not. I have known the story of superman from the random movies I have seen and from my brother who is a comic goo-rue. In this comic Superman, by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster Superman is a man with strong powers and crazy skills. The story of Superman begins with Superman’s own planet being destroyed and his parents finding it in their heart to leave him on earth to live his life there. He is found in his space ship by a person who drops him off at the orphanage. Superman has these strengths that are millions of years more advanced than those people on earth. As he gets older and older he realizes that he can jump over buildings, can lift things that no average human person can, and that no kind of bullet or knife can penetrate his skin.
Besides all of Superman's powers/strengths he has a secret identity. His name is Clark Kent. Clark Kent is a reporter for a newspaper that covers most of the stories that talk about Superman. Clark is actually asked to follow Superman's actions directly. Clark also has this amazing crush on a woman named Lois, who works in the same office as himself. He asks her out on a date and she reluctantly goes. A man by the name of Butch Matson decides that he is going to interrupt Clark and Lois in their dance. Kent Clark's personality is shy and he doesn't really stick up for himself. When Butch cuts in Lois is the one who hits Butch and gets really mad at Clark for not sticking up for his date. She storms off and Clark decides that he is going to pay Butch a visit as Superman. Butch in the meantime drives Lois's car into a ditch and pulls her out of the car and makes her get into his car to deal with her there. Well, Superman won't have any of that so he chases down Butch's car and throws the car upside down, catching Lois and hanging Butch up on a telephone pole. Lois is safe, but in the morning wants nothing to do with Clark Kent, not knowing who Clark really is.
Clark is then sent to go and get a better story for the Newspaper in a certain city. Clark decides that he is going to go to Washington D.C. to figure out what is going on there. He ends up eavesdropping on Senator Burrows and a man by the name of Alex Greer, who is trying to get the Senator to pass a certain bill. Superman doesn't want this bill to hurt his government so he decides to take Greer on an adventure to make him talk. The comic ends with Superman and Alex Greer jumping on to a building.
This comic was really interesting and kind of funny. I laughed all the way through the comic. The comments were really corny. I was actually quite surprised at how many word bubbles there were in the comic. I didn't expect so many words, but a little bit more pictures then were given to try and describe what was going on. The comic is definitely old school and it was worth reading.

.:Old School Action:.

Wow! This is a pretty intense comic! I haven’t seen an old Superman comic in ages! My father and brother collect a lot of comics, but I haven’t seen them pulled out in quite awhile! I find the artwork of this comic quite interesting because it seems to be so simple, but at the same time, there are little details that catch the eye; for example, the lines that the artist uses to show Superman flying or picking someone up. One of my favorite panels is on page two where Superman is picking up the guy in the green bathrobe. The art makes this task look so easy, and of course, for him it is. It makes me laugh because that sort of strength just seems so impossible. The language in this piece is different too. You can tell it’s an older comic. The humor in it is dry too, which I love. Like on page three when Superman says “It was your idea,” after ripping the steal door to the governor’s sleeping room off its hinges. What’s also interesting about this comic is the way there isn’t so much a straight story line as there is a narration. It’s literally like someone is narrating through words visualized by the reader. The story jumps around as well. It’s kind of like skipping from one portion of the story to another, yet the general point is still understood. The characters are all pretty similar though. I think that’s a good thing. If you look at today’s movies and books, a lot about the characters change. It’s hard to find a movie or new book that follows exactly the way the old story was told. As a society, we feed off advancements, and so you rarely see a superhero tale told without a new suit, car, or other technological aspect added in. The other thing I liked about this comic is the fact that it had different stories in it. It leaves more for the reader to do. I’m really fond of the black and white comics because older books and readings intrigue me. Overall, it was a pretty interesting comic!

The Greatest of All Time

Reading this brings back a lot of memories growing up. It reminds me of the cartoons I use to watch growing up and the comics I use to see my friends have and collect. Superman was always one of my favorites super hero. Nothing or anyone could ever match up to him. I can tell that this is a pretty old comic by the color and artwork. the color is sort of a old paint style and the drawing is not of the new age. In some of the characters he does not draw the full features of the character. Is this because he wants to show the non importance of that character of is that just how artist use to draw things? I dont know but I did notice that about this comic and some of the older comics I remember growing up. Seeing how superman was created was also kind of nice. Most comics and cartoons tend to leave out supermans begginnings. showing how strong and fast he was as a child and how that developed into what he is today. How he works for the newspaper and still tries to hide his identity. This was a very exciting comic for me to read. I was very involved and wanted to read more. I couldnt help but bring some of Scott McClouds readings in the back of my head. How he talked about the art work and icons and other things. while reading this comic I saw a lot of what he was talking about and it made me feel like I knew a little bit about comics.

Man That Bird and Plane Are Old

In "Superman" from Action Comics # 1 is rather interesting. This is a really old comic when it comes to Superman. This comics in the first page pretty much talk about Superman getting to earth and finding out his powers and using them for good. No one really knows of Superman as this major crime stopper and a person who is an exact symbol of justice. Instead he is still in a way not known. Superman's first save in the comics is going to the mayor to save a girl who was falsely accused of a murder. He faces trouble getting to the mayor from the butler which is not problem over all. It shows the love interest that goes on between Clark and Lois in kind of a short scene and then jumps to the love interest of Lois and Superman which is also very shot. The panels continues with Clark being assigned to go to San Monte, instead he goes to Washington D.C. to find that some foul play is being done. Superman quickly moves into action and begin to get the information he needs in order to get the main bad guy.
This comic is not something I would choose to read. I like Superman and I do enjoy the comic as a whole. The problem I do not like is the actual play by play narration it gives you at the top, sides or bottom. It gets to be annoying when you can just see instead of it seeming like there is a guy in your ear just blabbering on. Yes the pictures are not great or even the text amazing, but you need to consider this comics was written in 1938 so they don't have the greatest materials or even options on how to do these things. Those pictures and text though is what I actually like. It gives the comic that simple ability to understand at a very low level. You don't need all these big "CRASHES" everywhere. I enjoyed the comics as a whole but like I said the main problem for me was the narration.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Superman!

Reading the superman comic brought back a lot of memories. This comic looks to be an original bringing back the corny, yet very interesting tale of superman. This comic was about Clark Kent being assigned to cover Superman. Clark takes Louis out to dinner and as they are dancing a hoodlum tries steal Louis from Clark. Later in the comic Superman runs down the hoodlums and saves Louis from them. He shows off his supernatural powers that makes the comic Superman so famous. Then superman also takes care of a government scandal. The bad guys were trying to pass a law illegally so of course Superman came to the rescue. Superman comics are very predictable but it still always seems to bring a new story. Also Superman usually has a beautiful woman in his arms when he is flying.
I remember having conversations with my dad and he used to love all the superman comics. It is one of the greatest early comics. This hero figure has turned into something huge. I like this comic because it is so original and it shows what comics used to look like. The illustrations are not what they are today and it show how far comics have gone. I really liked this issue of superman because the character's lines are so corny and it reminds me of the old batman TV shows. We all remember those from nick at night. This Superman brought back some good memories.

Action Comics No.1.... Sweeet.

This comic is very entertaining and at first confusing. Confusing because when i was reading through the comic the web page would take me to a page further down into the comic than going to the next page. Once i fixed that problem the comic was enjoyable with eight different comics combined into one sixty four page comic. Comics today are usually forty pages long and consist of a single story or a continuing story. Back when comics where on the rise they of course contained more than just one comic because it was easier to have more comics in one book than multiple books. I noticed that five out of the eight comics used more dialogue to describe and add more affect to the image while the others were more giving little dialogue but enough to continue the story through images.
I enjoyed Chuck Dawson the most because Chuck is a bad ass. In the entire comic Chuck is a western superhero beating bad guys, a bullet skimming his head, and even shoots a gun out of a bad guys hand. The one i disliked the most was The Adventures of Marco Polo because there was no real action going on in the comic. The artist tried to make some action happen but the action was dull. Zatara Master Magician was another interesting comic with its simple in and out type of story. The thing that bugged me in this comic was the "im the superhero and nothing bad can happen to me because im the superhero". Overall great comic and a great referance to use when comparing with modern day comics.

Aged Comics is like Aged Wine

Where do I begin with Superman? First off, I couldn’t stop laughing at the comic. Not because it was full of jokes, but it was so corny! From the language and the art, each page had these unrealistic scenarios that made me chuckle. Regardless of the innocent humor and “life-life” situations, I actually liked the comic. Although, when I saw the first the page all I could think about was, “Seriously!?” Of course, though, I was wrong about any negative judgment I had of Superman, because it turns out I think I have a bit of liking for this comic. Continuing with Superman, Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster expose this super hero to the public, of course by Superman doing something justly and worthy of honor by the people. Yet, throughout the comic that’s all he does. Siegel and Shuster outline Superman by the following: his infatuation with Lois and his super human powers. Although unrealistic, this 13 page comic had more life saving then I have read in any adventure book. I kept wondering, “Who is Superman going to save now?” I’d turn a page and again someone would either be getting in Superman’s face or trying to hurt someone else. Even though that is his purpose, Shuster and Siegel clearly proved to the public that Superman, does in fact, has extraordinary powers and he isn’t afraid to use them; unless it is in front of his lovely Lois. Siegle and Shuster did a good job of hooking the reader by using as much action as they did in their first Superman comic.

Furthermore, I could tell immediately this was an older comic. The patterned color scheme (red, blue, yellow, green), the simplistic language, and the basic art style gave away the age of this comic. Clearly, modern day comics are very different in terms or art, color, and language. Also, the art stayed consistent through out the comic. However, a difference I noticed was the characters from page to page sometimes differed. At times Kent would look young, then at other moments he looked older. Page seven has a good example of Kent looking young in the top panel and in the middle he looks like he aged about 10 years. All in all, I liked looking at the pictures because it reminded me of how time has changed. The style of art used in Superman back then wouldn’t be able to sell as well currently because I think it has improved. When I looked at the pictures I noticed I wouldn’t be able to comprehend what was going on without the words, thus storytelling in this comic is vital or else it would be hard to know what was happening.

Overall, Superman is a pretty good comic and I’m impressed with Siegel and Shuster. What else do they have for us? Because I can’t wait to see what else is coming.