16 October 2009

Laughter Pain and Crying

Our Cancer Year. What can I say. Refreshing different than majority of the comic that we have read in this class of lately. Harvey who apprently was livitng with Cancer and was unaware of it thinking he just needs surgery to fix a hernia. Harvey finds out that he has cancer and he and his wife try to cope with the problem. Even with Harvey being sick, he still trying to find work to do ultimately failing because his body is too weak. His wife Joyce, also has problems dealing with the thought of her husband having cancer. She gets angry and stressed over certain situations. She yell at someone who keeps asking about seeing the apartment. She eventually reaches out to one of her friends.

Our Cancer Year is a very originial piece. It over a lot of dry humor. Unfortuntately to me I think all of the humor is darn near entirely not need. Cancer is a very serious discussion. It is weird to read about a situation and people disrespecting the doctor. And the doctor has the nerve to ask his patient pricing on a house? I hate reading somber stories with situations like that.

Cancer is Boring

"Our Cancer Year" starts off with Joyce's brother, Tod, showing up at Joyce and Harvey's house. They will be moving into another house soon and they ask Tod to help move boxes since Harvey might have a hernia which they'll find out the next day at his appointment. Harvey ends up having a tumor which they remove. The doctor acts very weird when asked to explain more about the situation. All he tells him is that they'll run more tests on him in a few days. They're all scared but get help from different people and friends. In the worst case, Harvey is scared for Joyce and doesn't want to leave her alone. He goes to talk to a lawyer to make sure she's gets all the belongings if he dies. Joyce is a little more optimistic. She calls a hot line and tries to learn more about cancer. Harvey gets good news after his follow up appointment and finds out that his cancer hasn't spread. They are moving boxes later and Joyce asks Harvey to not lift the heavy blocks because she thinks he'll get hurt. He flips out and starts breaking things. That's pretty much main important parts of the comic.
This comic was weird. I didn't like the art at all. I had a hard time following what was going on and who was saying what because the transitions were random and the characters looked alike so I didn't know who was talking to who. After I read a panel I had to read the following ones to figure out who was talking. This made it hard to enjoy. The story line was not too interesting. I didn't really like anything about this comic.

One Word: Failure

Let down, frustrated, unhappy, disenchanted? Which synonym for disappointment would you prefer? After reading this comic about cancer I was about ready to throw it away. For such a serious topic, this comic handled cancer as if it was trivial. I am very disappointed with it. I wouldn’t read this comic, or any other comic by published by Thunder’s Mouth Press, again. If I wanted to read a comic that inconsiderably discussed cancer and its’ effects I would talk to a child who knew nothing about it.

I understand the problems and the effects of cancer, and also what the comic was trying to convey—but it was done badly. I don’t think the seriousness was in the comic, and it could have been a lot more considerable and better. The clarity of the art was lacking (the people and faces all seemed to have changed and at times were terrifying to look at) and the language was casual. Of which, the grammar was wrong! “Cancer,” “tumor,” “admissions,” do those REALLY need quotation marks? Doubt it. Unless it was being sarcastic…and if it was then that is only more offensive.

In a few sentences, the comic was about a man, Harvey, who was only going to the hospital for surgery. However, during surgery the doctor noticed he had a tumor which happened to be Lymphoma. Moving along a few pages, his wife, Joyce, finds ways of coping with the scary thought that her husband’s cancer has spread through out his body. Together, Harvey and Joyce go through anguish, anger, and acceptance. Eventually, the comic ends…and that’s it. I don’t’ really know what happens next, except Harvey’s cancer doesn’t spread and Joyce finishes the comic by holding on tightly to a woman. Some ending. I was left wondering, “What happens next? Does Harvey live? Do they love their new house!?!” I’ll never know.

Ya know, but maybe that’s the best way to end the comic after it pretty much ended my night. Well, perhaps I am overreacting, but I really didn’t like this comic…and it’s always fun to spice it up a bit by purposely bashing a comic. ;)

15 October 2009

Our Cancer Year??

This comic is so weird. I think I lost track of who has cancer and who doesn’t. I think most of this comic is about Harvey. Harvey’s going to get an operation for a hernia, but instead the doctor finds that Harvey doesn’t have a hernia he has cancer. The doctor’s name is Dr. Cantor. Dr. Cantor isn’t very helpful and he doesn’t seem to give Harvey and Joyce enough attention after telling them the bad news. He tells them Harvey has cancer and goes on his way.

This comic is scary. I don’t like looking at the pictures because the people scare me and they look like predators. I was trying to only focus on the speech balloons, but the faces were so eye catching.

I think this is a very typical story on cancer. My mom had a tumor and the doctors said if they didn’t find the tumor when they did my mom would be either retarded or dead. This comic is similar to what my mom and my family went through. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, so they told her that she just had the flu. She kept going in to see the doctors and they treated her badly and no one gave her the time of day. They thought that she was faking an illness. Finally by accident, after several cat scans, the doctors found a tumor on my mom’s brain. My mom handled the news her way and the rest of my family handled it another. It caused a lot of tension within our family because my mom felt like we didn’t care about her and we didn’t know how to talk to her and explain that we were just worried. Many people came to our families aid and shared their stories about beating cancer or different ways to deal.

I think this comic is helpful. Unless you have had an experience with illnesses and cancer I don’t think anyone will really understand the importance of this comic. I think this comic is trying to explain the steps of what someone with cancer should do. The comic talks about cat scans, the machine that will find the cancer. Bad doctors or doctors that don’t seem like they care. It talks about how people with cancer deals with their situation and how family members deal with the situation because each will deal with them differently. It addresses the tension cancer can cause within families because everyone is dealing with the situation in their own way. The comic has an 800 number to call for more information and guidance on cancer. Another important issue this comic talks about is how people with cancer notice other cases, but weren’t aware of them before.

I didn't appreciate the art...haha...

What the Heck!!!

Okay, to begin I would like to say that this comic was actually pretty freakin lame. It starts out with a guy stopping in to chat with his family, Harvey and Joyce about where he had been and what they were up to. Then, the story all of the sudden just jumps to Joyce and Harvey getting ready to go to the hospital for Harvey’s operation. They have a little bit of an argument that is actually pretty funny. Harvey is freaking out that they are going to be late and that they are going to have to reschedule. Joyce just tells him to relax and that Dr. Cantor is a “manic” about “slicing and dicing” people. The hospital will not make them reschedule. She tells Harvey to “shut up!” It really made me laugh, added spice to the random comic.

Harvey goes into surgery and as Joyce is enjoying her warm cup of coffee when Dr. Cantor comes towards her and explains that Harvey really has lymphoma, which is a type of tumor in his lymph nodes. Joyce is freaking out when the Dr. Cantor basically walks away leaving her with a lot of unanswered questions. When Joyce finally gets to see Harvey they are both very worried and need some more information on what kind of tumor Harvey has. It is really funny because Joyce gets really frustrated and says, “No. We need to talk to his doctor. Who left. We don’t know what’s going on. Get Cantor back here…GET HIM BACK HERE NOW.” The picture changes when she is yelling to get the doctor back in there and the sketch of her face is quite scary and disturbing. After they find out that they must get a cat scan they both go home and must wait at least 10 days before they know any kind of results.

Harvey gets the CAT scan and then it randomly jumps to Joyce getting after Harvey for carrying cinder blocks to the car for their new house. Harvey has a break down and throws the cinder blocks into the wall and out of the house. Joyce runs out of the house and into her car, when her landlords show up for an appointment that Joyce forgot about. Joyce won’t let them in the house and they get a little put out because she won’t let them in the house. They finally decide that it is okay that they wait to see the apartment to give Joyce a break for what is going on with her husband.

This next part really confused me and I have absolutely no idea why it is even in the story. Joyce goes and checks on the carpenter Stephanie and they start talking about her ex husband and how she is no longer pregnant. Then it goes to some other person who talks about recycling the “lumber” in the old apartment and then to incubators and a pediatric nurse that wants to become some electrician. Then there is this random comment about smoking and who cares about Harvey because he already has cancer. Freakin random!!

This comic was so weird and I really got confused in certain parts. All of the pictures make the people look angry all of the time. What did the brother at the beginning of the story have to do with Harvey’s cancer problem. Also, what did the carpenter and old wood boards have anything to do with the whole story. We never find out if Harvey has more tumors or if he is going to live. The story just ends at a really random place and I can’t figure out how any parts of the story really fit together to make a story. Weird and random reading.


I found this comic weird and all over the place. It starts out with Joyce’s Brother Tod returning back from long hitchhiking trip. Hervey, Joyce’s husband asks Tod if he will help them move out, because he is going to have an operation, and it might be a hernia. The comic jumps from that night to the morning as Harvey tries to wake up Joyce to go to the hospital 2 hours early. It shows the family worried about Harvey and his operation as they drive to the hospital. When they get to the hospital they take Harvey into the operation room. It shows Harvey and Joyce talking to one another about how much they care and love each other. Harvey goes into surgery which was supposed to take several hours, but a half hour later the doctor comes out of the surgery. The doctor gives them no information about Harvey just that he has a tumor. The family is worried and confused.
The Doctor touches basis with Harvey and tells him that he has Lymphoma and that they need to set up a cat scan for him. The family is scared and really mad at the doctor for leaving them without any information. Nurses try to ease the family’s burdens by giving them information that the CAT scan will show them if Harvey has more cancer.
Harvey is scared and starts to write a will in case he dies. Joyce calls one of her friends to help her relax. The friend tells her to call a cancer hot line to answer any questions that she might have. She calls the cancer hot line and they answer all of the questions she has along with easing her burdens. Harvey gets his cat scan and they find out that the cancer has not spread and the cancer is only in one lymph Node.
Harvey and Joyce have decided to keep on moving on in life and continue with moving out of their old apartment. Joyce tries to help Harvey with moving out some heavy cinder blocks but Harvey won’t let her. He has a little tizzy fit and throws the cider blocks.
This is where I get a little lost in the comic. Joyce goes to the new house to check in with the carpenter. The carpenter tells Joyce a story about her ex and how she is pregnant. They then begin to talk about recycling wood from the old apartment, and how the carpenter used to be a pediatric nurse. Then they start talking about how the carpenter might have breast cancer. Then the comic goes back to Harvey talking to one of his friends about his doctor and how he asked him about real estate. It then goes back to Joyce and Stephanie the carpenter who knows what.
This comic was WEIRD!!! I have no idea what Joyce’s brother Tod had anything to do with the comic. Nor did I know what Stephanie the carpenter had anything to do with it. The beginning of the comic made perfect since but towards the end it lost me.

I Bet This Is Hard!!!

The comic Our Cancer Year is a comic that is emotional and very moving. Cancer is beyond a horrible and dangerous thing to encounter. This comic is about a man, named Harvey, who is believed to have a hernia but instead finds out a sad and horrible occurrence, Harvey has cancer. The doctor found a large tumor while doing a surgery for the hernia. The tumor is cancer, also know as lymphoma. Harvey and his wife, Joyce, begin to worry and become very afraid. Joyce even though she is afraid becomes very angry because she has questions and the doctor had ran off so fast she had no chance to get any of them answered. Harvey is scared also, but not scared of dieing exactly. He is scared that once he is gone he will not be able to take care of his wife. "My baby... My precious... What's going to happen to you? How will I be able to take care of you, now" (Harvey)? Harvey and his wife continue their lives while having to worry all the time. Harvey see's the doctor after the doctor performed many tests. The test result do have good news and the cancer has not spread. Joyce on the other hand is on the phone getting answers to her questions. When Harvey and Joyce are moving to a new house Harvey gets angry because he feels that everyone is trying to steal who he is and what he can do. Joyce goes to the new house to check on Stephanie, the carpenter. Joyce and Stephanie soon begin talking about the house and also more personal things. Stephanie may have cancer also and is a bit afraid. Joyce and her after the talk get emotional because they know what each other is feeling and going trough in this hard time.

This comic in my personal opinion was a good comic. The comic is just about normal people having to deal with this major shock of cancer. It shows how they change the way they act and feel after finding out this major news. People actually act like this when you find out something major as having cancer. When you hear that someone you know has cancer its a shock. You get all these thoughts of sadness and being afraid. I have seen these feelings in someone close to me when they found out someone near them had cancer. Yes that emotion was stronger because they had just lost another family member to cancer not to long ago. Just to fact of them finding out that something could be cancer scared them. Also it scares everyone and makes everyone think of what is happening around them. No one knows what is gonna happen in their lifes. This comic shows it perfect of normal people with love, anger, sadness, and shock over something that can be life changing.

cancer family

This comic was very interesting. The style in which the writter chose to tell the story was different then I have seen before. The progression of the story was told to us instead of us coming up with when and when these events were happening. I thought that was rather interesting. The first thing I thought of when reading this was, Professor Villarreal statement in class saying " write as if the reader is stupid." I took this reading that way. It seemed to me they commentated to make sure that we got exactly what the story was telling us and not what we could come up with ourselves.
I honestly did not pay much attention to the art work. I dont know if it did not have enough color for me, if the lines were too much or if the art work just wasn't good. However, I didnt pay much attention to it. It seemed very simplistic.
Now for the the story, I got confused a little bit with trying to go along with it. After reading it and understanding it, the story was not bad. It wasnt something necessarily that I would have picked but having these people with cancer and dealing with real life situations was interesting to me and keeped me wanting to read more. I would have thought it would have ended a little better. It seems as if they didnt finish the story. All in all, I felt the comic was just ok.

Cancer Tales

The short comic, "Our Cancer Year", is about a man named Harvey and his wife Joyce. Harvey went in for some hernia surgery and the doctors found some cancer in him. Joyce, his wife, looks for ways to educate herself about the cancer that her husband has. But no one at the hospital would help. Dr. Cantor, the surgeon who found the cancer, talks to Joyce but he does not give much information because he is in somewhat of a hurry. This makes Joyce extremely angry. This comic spread expresses anger through the facial features. In one of the drawings Joyce has a large, very intimidating scowl on her face. At that point no one at the hospital would give her any information. As the story progresses Harvey has gone out to fill out his will in case he dies. Joyce does not agree with this but one of her close friends lets her know, that's Harvey's way of coping. Harvey has changed and seems to explode with anger when aggravated. When Harvey goes back to the doctor for cat scans, they find that the cancer has not spread, which is good. Another cancer story begins to take place in the end of this comic. Joyce went to their new house to see how the carpenter is doing. The carpenter comes out and tells Joyce that she might have breast cancer. Joyce consoles her ans lets her know that she knows what she is going through.
This comic was almost a short soap opera. The drama that takes place concerning to cancer and Joyce not getting any help, creates an interesting comic. I liked how the illustrations were set up. They were simple drawings but the focus was on the facial features. Every time a character was mad, I was able to see the anger through the scowls. This comic reminded me of the comics in the newspapers. The simple stencil work is the same as a newspaper. The thoughts of each character were always given as well. Written words spelling out "Cancer", expressing what Joyce and Harvey were thinking about. I enjoyed this comic.

14 October 2009

Cancer is Spreading

This reading Our Cancer Year first starts off by Joyce’s brother, Tod stopping by their house. Joyce’s husband, Harvey tells Tod that he has an operation coming up and he thinks he has a hernia. On the day of surgery Harvey is really worried and wants to get to the hospital on time. Harvey finally gets there and finishes his operation. The doctor has bad news for Harvey he tells him that he has a large tumor. Both Harvey and Joyce are both freaking out because Dr. Cantor doesn’t really give them a clear understanding of what is going on. Dr. Cantor doesn’t really elaborate because he is in a rush, he tells Harvey to follow up with him in a few days. Harvey is a little paranoid now and doesn’t know what to think. Harvey and Joyce that night couldn’t sleep at all. The next day Harvey went to go see a lawyer to make sure that Joyce would get everything when he dies. On the other hand, Joyce is calling the cancer information to get more insight on some of her questions and concerns for cancer. After a few days, Harvey goes to his follow up and finds out that the cancer didn’t spread. Harvey then tries to help move some cinder blocks out of the house and Joyce is telling him not to carry it because he just got surgery. Harvey doesn’t really care though and starts to become so frustrated with the cancer and starts flying the cinder blocks. Joyce then goes to their new house to let Harvey cool off and unpack some of the stuff. While at the new house she checks in with Stephanie, the carpenter. Come to find out, Stephanie has a family history of breast cancer and had recently found a lump. She was going into the doctors to get her second mammogram. Stephanie also brings up that the electrician’s wife died from cancer. Stephanie says that it happens to a lot of people, but we just don’t notice until it happens to you.

I thought that this reading was funny and corny. What cracked me up the most was the part where Harvey is freaking out about being late, Joyce tells him “Don’t Worry. Cantor really, really wants to slice and dice you. The guys a known Maniac. He’ll wait. He’s probably been ready for hours, too, just polishing his scalpel….So Shut Up!” I thought that phrase was so funny. Although, that would be pretty mean if someone really said that. Overall I thought that the dialogue was corny. This comic was very different from the other comics that we have read. This comic included very little dialogue and more pictures. It allowed us to commit more closure as readers, which was pretty good. I think they tried to put together humor and a serious issue, to make it more enjoyable for readers. I thought the art of the comic was terrible; it was hard to recognize which characters were who in several scenes. Also the characters looked creepy in some scenes. I don’t know that’s just my thoughts. Overall I thought that it was enjoyable and was something different. It was interesting to read a comic that didn’t have a superhero in it.

Cancer Year

This comic was interesting both artistically and literacy. I enjoyed reading this comic because it shows and gives the feeling of what is going on with the characters Harvey and Joyce. It first begins when Joyce s brother Tod drops by there home. Harvey and Joyce ask for Tod's help later because Harvey has on operation in a few days to see if he has a hernia. Later when the operation was about to begin, Joyce and Tod were waiting in the waiting room. A few minutes have passed and the doctor that was operating on Harvey and tells Joyce that Harvey had a tumor and all he did was scoop out the tumor and sew up Harvey. Joyce shown in the comic is seen almost literary having her fist in her mouth trying not to cry.

There where parts in the comic that were great showing the emotion of what has happened in the comic. When they ask what a cat scan is for, the nurse tells them that it is to see if there is MORE CANCER. The artist depicted in the next panel was Harvey and Joyce leaving the hospital with the words MORE CANCER. Giving the feel that you the reader have just got cancer. Overall i enjoyed the comic and liked the artists style.