27 October 2009

Maus is really a mouse.

The story of the mouse named Artie is pretty interesting. It is about a mouse who has written a comic book and his dad finds it. The dad is going through some rough times because his wife is being a real pain to him. The comic that Artie had written made the father remember his late wife Anja. There is a story within the story because Artie's comic book is presented. It is about a man in prison who finds out his mother killed herself. The mom had slit her wrists and bled to death. This comic was very creepy and gloomy. All the characters were black and white and their facial expressions were almost unseen. But back to the story of Artie. In the story the mice are portrayed as Jews and the Nazi's are seen as cats chasing after them. I like the connection the writer makes here. Even the artwork was very gloomy making the tone of the story seem sad.
The art in both the stories is mostly black and white stencil. The facial expressions of the mice were very simple. But in Artie's comic, the characters have very creepy expressions. The comic is very abstract and the black and white colors enhance the expressions.