07 November 2009

V for Vendetta the peoples villain

The movie V for Vendetta is a great villain movie. It is about a man they they only know by his mask. He wears a white Halloween type mask. It is very mysterious because we never see his face, but the one thing we do see are his red hands. They look to be extremely burnt because of a fire to the insane asylum. V, the mysterious villain, is looked at as a terrorist to the government. He has the people rally behind him in his quest to overthrow the Great Britain government. V fights for the rights of the people. He can easily be seen as a convict because he does kill a couple cops, but they deserved it. What I mean is the people of Great Britain are not given the freedom they deserve. Evey, Natalie Portman, plays the role of V's sidekick. In the end when V dies she carries out his mission and blows up a historic building to show his disapproval of the government.
I had never seen this movie before and I liked it. It was a nice change from normal hero movies. The hero is a bad guy in a sense but he fights for the people. I would compare this movie to Robin hood because both men fight for what is right.

06 November 2009

3 out of 5 star movie

Watching movies isn't exactly my forte, and hardly am I ever willing to sit through a movie without getting nervous and begin talking about irrelevant topics that hardly relate to the movie. However, even though it's hard for me to watch movies, I have always wanted to watch V for Vendetta. When I first saw the previews of a masked man, with a mischievous smile, killing government officials, I could hardly wait for it to come out. Of course, though, I never made the effort to watch the adventure movie. Only now, after I have watched the movie from beginning to end, I can't say I regret waiting so long to watch the film.

As the movie is a production from the comic book "V for Vendetta", written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, the story follows a terrorist, also known as "V", who is seeking revenge from being tortured in a concentration camp controlled by Norsefire. Not only is Britain being led by Norsefire's high chancellor, Adam Sutler, but Britain society is turning into totalitarian, of which V is trying to bring to an end. In order for V to apply his aspirations of freeing Britain, he claims that on the fifth of November he will destroy the Houses of Parliament and he advises the people of Britain to rise against the government so they can gain back their independence. Alongside of V is Evey, who helps save V's life on the occasion and of course every movie needs a love story. The two not only help each other with their fears but they fall in love; however, they will never be able to be with one another as V dies after being brutally shot. The movie ends with fireworks spreading across the sky while Evey explains that V is in every one of us, as we are all him.

V for Vendetta is a good film. Actually, I think the story is much better, but isn't it always? I wouldn't recommend the movie by saying it is the best action/adventure movie, but I'd suggest it is a good movie to watch on a Friday night when you have nothing better to do. The acting was alright, Evey, played by Natalie Portman, did a fine job and probably the best job; although, I think she could work on her British accent a little bit. Overall, I'm glad I didn't watch V for Vendetta in theaters because I would have been disappointed. Watching it on DVD was enough to say, "That was an alright movie."