24 January 2010

ch 1 and 2

in the introduction scott mccloud is talking to his old friend about how he wants
to make a comic strip about comics and explain their history and their purpose.
chapter 1 starts with mccloud introducing himself and describing what a comic is.
comic has a lot different meanings. he says like a sequence of pictures, 2 or more that tell a story.
he also talks about how comics were the first language ever used like in the Egyptian days.
he also mentions that people today do not really understand comics. comics are not just a picture or
a cartoon. it has to have moral and a purpose along with a story. even with all of this information
there is still not one right definition. Chapter two is about how to understand comics and the idea that
an idea that a image is not an image. he talks a lot about how how comics are composed of icons.
these icons can be simple or very complicated. he also talks about how the pictures are used to be
simple and get to the point. he talks at one point about how in comics you dont worry about what
someone's hands or feet are doing you worry about what the comic is talking about. he talk
about how we incorporate our senses. he says that pictures are recived messages to us. and that
messages must have a vocabulary for us to understand the message. he also talks about the picture
plane or what seperats shapes lines and colors so the drawling is ether simpler of more complicated.
i still haven't decided if i enjoy comics or not i sometimes do and sometimes dont. i like how in
this book he made a comic of himself teaching others how to read and understand comics. i dont like the
comics that have you jump around on the page and dont really offer much detail. when a comic does
that i would rather read a book.

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  1. Maxx, what is this? It's clearly rushed, and it's clear you didn't reread it or even hit spell check. You only have 1 capitalized letter in the whole post!