26 January 2010

Chapter 1n 2 Understanding Comics

As any other teen, I used to be a big fan of comic books. I used to love the action genre of comics. I read X-Men, Justice League, Spiderman, Superman, and any other super hero who had “man” attached to their name. However, I never took it seriously. Just reading the first chapter of the book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, opened a whole perspective towards it. Who would have imagined that the history of comics started from 1049 A.D.? The Pre-Colombian picture manuscript, Bayoeux Tapestry, Mexican codex and etcetera were some historical comic forms which signified the birth of comics. Similarly, McCloud talks about the genres, tools, and some interesting facts with the use of sequential art. All in all, reading through the first chapter was a walk in the park.

The second chapter talks about icons and images. What the people see? And what our eyes see? It sure sounds interesting but if you come to think of it, it is true. It is something that I had never thought before. This chapter also talks about how image differ in countries. Also, McCloud talks about the difference in details in various comic books.

What I don't like about McCloud is, he doesn't say anything about "mangas". Mangas have sequential art too. And I am pretty sure that most people agree with me. Infact I prefer reading mangas more than western comic books.


  1. Your post is a little short, Kabir. Aside from that, I'm glad you're interested in the topic. And while McCloud hasn't yet come right out and discussed manga (yet) he certainly includes them in his definition, and even uses some example from manga in chapter two. In fact, by this point in his book, he's already used example of comics from all around the world! But he will address manga more specifically, I promise.

    And actually, in his third book, Making Comics, he devotes an entire chapter just to manga. It's very good. What are some of your favorites?

  2. Naruto. Full Metal Alchemist.. Samurai-X also known as Himura Kenshin..HAHA
    What about you?

  3. Sadly, I've had trouble really getting into manga. I've read some classic Astro Boy, but my favorite is actually a Canadian manga series called Scott Pilgrim :-) It's brilliant--basically about all the great stuff from nerd culture--movies, video games, comics, etc. Pretty funny stuff :-)