28 January 2010

chapter 2

The Second chapter talks about the vocabulary of comics. It starts off by talking about icons and what they mean to comics. An icon is an image that represents something such as a picture or an idea. He explains that some icons resemblance varies more than others and icon content may have a different level of meaning. He goes on to give examples if a picture is more realistic then it is less likely to attract then if it was less real. the reason he is trying to say this is because if the picture is not as real then you will more likely to want to be the character because it opens the imagination more than if it was the actual person. Then McCloud explains to you that a comic is not so much realistic in the character but the world around the character should because it makes the person more interested. Scott McCloud main purpose of this chapter is to get across that an icon has no life but it’s what you make it and needs the reader’s imagination

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  1. Ah! I see what you did here. In the future, if I ask you to blog on more than one chapter, you can do both in one post.

    Still, where's your free-response section?