25 January 2010

It’s the first superman comic ever. This comic has it all. Starting at the beginning, Alien parents put their own child for adoption because other ways he’d get blown up with the rest of the planet. The comic continues following the alien orphan’s life on earth. Turns out that the boys a little different. He has super human abilities. Short aside is taken to explain the science of the boys advanced anatomy. The story starts with the orphan when he becomes fully grown turns in to Superman. What is Superman’s first act? He gets a murderess off of the death sentence. She was falsely accused and there is another lady who is guilty and confesses to it. Clark then gets the job to track down superman. Convenient Clark is sent to report on a wife betting incident. Quick question who calls a news paper when they known a man is beating his wife? In any case Superman shows up and makes the woman beater pass out. Clark is hitting in the next frame on Louis Lane during work. Aaaaaaa ……the carefree days before sexual harassment and no dating in the work place policies. Louis is more interesting then Superman. Interesting enough to catch the eyes of gangsters named Butch. Louis slaps gagsters and ditches her date. Clark is left alone to don tights and cape. He rescues Louis from Butch. Then he lets her walk home from the outskirts of a major city? Another quick question was it necessary to brakes his car to bits? I mean ready he all ready shook the criminals out of the car like cheerios out of the box. May-be I’m just too much of a girl to get that. Then it’s off to San Monte. Just kidding instead the man of steel is going to right the world of politics. This comic has it all. The romantic and heroic and political man it has gangsters it has murderesses it has stinking aliens. Unfortunately it lacks a plot. Any one of these subjects would have made a great comic book may-be even a series of comic books but it seems that the writer had a lot of half baked ideas that he decided to through together in to one issue.

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  1. Roxanne, as usual, your writing is excellent! But why are you writing on Superman? The homework was to blog on the Intro. and Chapters 1 and 2 of Understanding Comics.