24 January 2010

Scott McCloud

The reading was very interesting and valuable. Scott McCloud is very interesting when he speaks to his boss in the introduction. I thought the reading was interesting and introduced a new view on how comics can be over looked by society. I thought that comics were a joke and meant for kids, but after reading the required chapters I was very interested in learning more. Scott McCloud opened a new view on comics can be to some people and how they are important to others. However, at the same time I was thinking he has a lot of time on his hands to write about what he sees in comics while explaining how others view it. The importance of the comics is changing because its people like Scott McCloud making a name for comics and expanding people's thoughts rather then just going based assumptions. People believe what they want to believe, but its based on what they see or hear. But Scott McCloud, opened my mind on seeing comics in a different way rather then judging before knowing. This book is the first actual comic I've read and enjoyed reading without wanting to put it away and going to sleep. I think Scott McCloud did a terrific job in explaining what comics are all about, I mean reading a comic that teachs me about the importance of comics.

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  1. This is a little short, Rayna. Come on; you write better than this! You don't really summarize the chapters, you need to proofread, and you used the word "interesting" 4 times in first 3 lines! Remember, I've read your good work before, so I expect to see it again ;-)