26 January 2010

Understanding Comics (Chapters 1 & 2)

Reading the first two chapters of Scott McCloud "Understanding Comics" was very complex but understandable. In chapter one McCloud explained a variety of comic styles. The styles also explained the history of comics to me. McCloud took the reader on a journey of comics long history. The development of comics and well as what they stand for. McCloud did just what the title of chapter one, he set the record straight. He defined what a comic is and gave examples from a variety of different cultures. Explaining how comics were in the past and they spoke words instead of scenes.

Chapter two of "Understanding Comics" was very complex. As McCloud went from discussing topics of realistic drawings to abstract images and so on. McCloud went on to talk about how human portray their selves in images in things they see and it takes on an extended identity. The inanimate objects are what he called them and human use them to take on different identities. McCloud also discussed the difference between realistic drawing and cartoon drawing. The topics he discussed were very interesting. The vocabulary topic was also very intriguing.

I think that the reading of these two chapters were very helpful of me understanding comics in the future if i decided to read one. I will have a better grasp and comprehension of the topic. i recommend these two chapters to future comic book readers.

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  1. Velle, you're writing here is pretty good (just watch the spelling), but you don't go into nearly enough detail (which explains why your post is almost 150 words short). You tell McCloud has a definition but don't tell us what it is! And how could you skip explaining the giant triangle ;-)