26 January 2010

Understanding Comics

In the introduction of Understanding Comics started off about a guy by the name of Scott Mecloud that just loved to read “real book”, as he stated. Till one day while in the 8th grade a friend convinced him to read comics, and loaned him his collection to explore a more understanding of comics. So from the help of his good friend; Scott was hooked on comics by the 10th grade of high school. Also they described the relationship between comics and cartoons and how they are not the same. One is a picture and the other mediums which often employ that approach. In chapter one it gets deeper in to some history of comics and where it was 1st introduced. Then goes on about how comics are just going to be used a lot more in society today, and how people engage themselves in the understanding of comics. Starting with Chapter two he uses the word “icon” which means any image used to represent a person. Place, thing or idea. Also it mainly about the vocabulary of comics and how using your imagination can play a major role when understanding comics.
One thing that really stood out to me throughout the reading was the point brought up in Chapter two about looking at a photo or realistic drawing of your face. He describes this as a person entering a world of cartoon of them. Which make sense mainly because you can’t look at yourself other ways than just a mirror, picture, or drawing you can only guess or trust that you look a particular way? For instance, if you smile you smile because you trusted this mask called your face to respond. So after reading these few chapters I could take my better understanding of comics to further assist me in the future.

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  1. Yancy, are you sure you completed this post before publishing it? It just seems to end and doesn't get into your opinion of the reading.

    Regardless, you need to look at and revise your writing more closely for clarity. And separate your summaries into paragraphs; give each chapter it's own section and then really go into detail.