08 February 2010


Maxx hill

Ch9 and analysis of book

Putting it all together: McCloud asks why are comics so important. He thinks the answer is simple. Sequential art. He says we are all isolated. And no matter what no one will know what any one else is saying or feeling. McCloud states that the only way to break the wall of not knowing is to understand. Comics are one of the few mass communications where individual voices can still be herd. He describes that we need to clear our heads of every thing we know about comics and then try and understand how comics could be helpful. Language is what drives comics. It is what gives meaning purpose. His last point is that comics are endless in their possibilities.

This book has helped me out a lot to understand comics. At first I didn’t like it and thought it was stupid, but then I figured out that comics are much more than super heroes and bad guys. It’s a way to learn it’s a way of understanding. Just like McCloud says there is a comic out there for anyone. My favorite thing about the book was that he made it easy to understand where he was coming from he gave great analogies and made his ideas very clear with simple examples That got to the point and explained what he wanted.


  1. I also found it crazy how McCloud said that comics really have been around for three thousand years right before our very eyes without us even knowing it. I can see your opinions becuase when I first started this book I was a little skeptical and didn't see where this book could go.

  2. I agree with you because I felt that i was getting no where with the book too, but after reading and understanding McCloud's theory on comics i feel that comics we have a bright future in my life.

  3. I agree with you. At the beginning this book had no meaning to me but now i think its a pretty cool book

  4. Your post is much too short, Maxx. Where's you summary of the rest of the chapter? You're only look at the first part. And you could you expand on your own thoughts more, in the future. For example, if you agree there's a comic out there for everyone, what do you think your comic is like?