07 February 2010

All Together

In the final chapter McCloud begins by explaining how no one else experiences what you experience. No other person except yourself knows what it is like to be you except you, and there exists a connection from mind to mind. This medium that exists between the human minds is different for every human being, seeing as we perceive things in our own way. McCloud says that the only thing that disrupts this medium is "the power of understanding" (McCloud, 196). As long as human beings see each other clearly, this connection can exists which in turn creates the form of communication. McCloud then goes back to the definition of comics and refers that the best definition is the one that contains the most depth. In McClouds opinion this definition would be, "sequential art" (McCloud, 199). Comics have been around for over three thousand years right before our very eyes, and now we are just beginning to understand them. We have overlooked this vast block of time that contains comics and have begun to appreciate what comics to our minds. They allow us to see past what we see, and to capture the beauty of a visible symbol or word. Comics balances art through our unique individual thoughts and senses. But like all things, comics is still evolving and we are still beginning to understand more and more about it. The future and limits of comics are endless and anyone can pursue, or extend their understading of comics.
I really enjoyed this book. Before I read this book if one were to ask me all the aspects or how much depth comics could go, I would simply reply, "A cartoon story of a superhero". I backup and agree with all of McCloud's points and opinions as he broke comics down. The content and genre of this book made it really easy to understand his points, along with the pictures and Scott's different sense of humor. I now can look at comics from a different perspective and can relate them to many forms of art. I give this book a 9 out of 10 rating.


  1. I got a little confused with Toni's third sentence.I don't think you meant to say that the "power of understanding" "disrupts" "the medium that exists between the human minds" but thats the way it sounds. I do agree that this book took harder to understand concepts about comics and cleared them up in a more accessible way.

  2. I'm with Roxanne. Toni, makes sure you're saying exactly what you mean to say.