23 February 2010

batman is better than superman any day of the week.

Superman a man from not this planet, a man with incredible ability incredible strength, he is even able to fly. What makes superman so great? To figure it out you have to look at the first superman. There’s a woman about to be executed for murder but she didn’t do it. What should be done there’s not much that can be. Unless your superman. Superman runs to the governor’s housebreaks down the door and demands that he calls the penitentiary. The governor thinks this dude is crazy and demands him to back up or he will shoot him, but little does he know that superman cannot be hurt. “POW” he shoots him it just ricochets off. While the governor is in awe he calls the penitentiary and calls off the execution. The next day Clark Kent aka Superman asks Lois Lane on a date. She hesitates at first but accepts the offer. While on there date a cocky man comes in and try’s to take superman’s date. Trying to act innocent Clark acts like there’s nothing he can do. Baffled by this Lois Lane gets angry and leaves. Little does she know that the asshole is following. And kidnaps her. After this superman gets ready and runs and gets in the way and rescues Lois. Then takes the man and hangs him on a telephone pole. The next day Clark’s boss asks him to go do some research and find a story. Instead of going where he was told he goes to Washington DC and is trying to crack down on the government corruption. This is where the story ends. It leaves you hanging at the end. Making you want to know what happens next you’ll just have to wait till the next one comes out. Once this happened Superman became one of the most popular super heroes in the world.

Batman a man of smarts, wit and a knack for doing the right thing, Batman is different than other super heroes, as he does not posses special powers. He keeps his town safe by using his smarts. This comic starts off by having a millionaire murdered in his mansion. His son is thought to be the murder but he pleas that it is not him and that his prints are only on the knife from him trying to help his father. Then out of nowhere Batman shows up beats the murders up and takes what they stole. He returns the stolen items. That’s the end of batman until the next issue.

The reason Batman is better is because he fights crime with out super powers he’s just a real smart guy that knows how to fight. I think superman is a very fascinating character but I can’t see myself as him. I can see myself as batman because he’s real. He can get hurt. He’s human. That is the main difference between the too is that Batman is someone that any one can see there self as. The simple fact is. Is that superman is just to super.


  1. wow!!!!! i cannot believe that no one else has done the homework therefor i will have to comment on my own post. i think that my blog consist of a very strong summery equipped with moderate reasons for liking batman more than superman. problaly could be better but for the most part. its pretty coherent blog.

  2. LOL... I did my homework (maxx #2)... and your reasonings for liking Batman over Superman are trash.Lmao, no hard feelings kid... it was pretty good other then the Batman is better stuff.. good job!!

  3. I agree with Maxx #1 reasons for liking Batman over Superman. They are not trash! The great thing about Batman is he could be anybody. Superman is a great character but his aspects are too far fetched. Batman does all of his super hero acts without the crazy powers of super strength and ability to jump a mile. Batman doesnt need those things and still gets the job done in great fashion.

  4. Yea i definately have to go with Toni and Maxx #1 on this one. Batman is awesome because he plays a logical role. He is human. I like knowing that I could be Batman or my friend could be Batman. Superman is just way too cliche I guess you could say

  5. Haha! Nice try, Maxx :-) Try proofreading in the future ;-) But I agree with you that Batman is better because he's relatable--I think that's one of the reasons why he's endured for 71 years :-)

    Max, can't you even offer reasons why Superman's better? That's trash ;-)

    And I agree with you too, Toni :-)