24 February 2010

Batman is Definately the Shit

The Superman comic was really old school and pretty predictable. Anybody who knows Superman, knows his story. In the comic, it sets up how Superman bacme, well Superman. Superman came to Earth as a child in a space capsule. As he grew older, it became clear to the people on Earth that he was not human. He had abnormal strength and the ability to fly. After he controls these powers, Superman decided to take on the role as a protector. He wanted to use his powers for the goodness of the people. He then starts out by taking a woman that is to be electrocuted, to the governor's house to prove her innocence. Naturally, out of fear, the governor's assistant shoot's Superman. After the assistant realized he was not affected, Superman proved that the woman was innocent and saved her life. In Superman's "human life" as Clark Kent, he works at the daily news office. There he asks out Lois Lane on a date. While they were dancing, at the date of course, a rude creepy man decided to butt in and steal Lois on the dance floor. Upset that Clark didn't fight back, she called a cab to go home. Next thing Lois knows, she is getting kidnapped by Butch, the creepy guy on the dance floor. Outraged, Clark turns into Superman, picks up the car, unloads all the passengers, and hangs Butch from a power line. This comic turns out the typical save the damsel in distress type.
In Batman's comic, it begins with Bruce and Commisioner Gordon having a conversation. They then hear a report of a murder that occured nearby, so they both take off to the murder scene. After hearing the suspects interview, which happened to be the son of the victim, Bruce decides to leave the scene. He turns into Batman, tracks down the murderers, and beats the crap out of them and retrieves what was stolen. Batman finds among the beat up criminals a clue to another possible victim so he takes off to a new location. There, he discovers the man behind all the killings. A man by the name of Alfred Stryker. Alfred tries to shoot Batman, but because of his amazing reflexes and smarts he dodges the shot and punches the murderer to where he falls to his death.
In my opinion, BATMAN IS THE SHIT! I think that superman relies on his powers extremely too much and it is know fun to follow Superman because he has only one threat that can kill him. So what could possibly go wrong in all his stories, that he is threatened by the same thing over and over again? It gets boring to me. Batman on the other hand is a thrilling superhero! He is human so his life is at stake all the time. This makes everything suspenseful and exciting to keep up with knowing that is life is in jeopardy everytime he puts that wicked suit on.


  1. Hmm...I'm not sure you read very closely here, Red. Superman can't fly, and lots of things can hurt him. What about the ending?! For all you know, he's going to fall and die ;-) My point is, try to keep this Superman and Batman separate from the Superman and Batman we know now. They're very different. Still, this is a good post :-)

  2. Batman..Batman...You are right on the villains part. Batman has the amazing joker. No one can beat joker.