09 February 2010

The Absolute Last Blog on McCloud's Work!

Chapter nine is mainly just the chapter that sums up the entire book. Though at the beginning McCloud starts off with how the media affects the communication of comics. He discusses his opinion that media often frowns upon, or pushes aside, comics as a way of media. How society mainly focuses on more things like television, radio, magazines, etc. McCloud feels that we as humans need different ways to communicate through people instead of the same ways all the time. Mostly, McCloud feels that comics should be used more in society than they actually are. Later on in the chapter he begins on explaining the importance of truely understanding comics. McCloud goes back to using history as an example. By using this he hopes to show the reader that many styles and genres can be used within comics. I forgot to mention that McCloud also makes an excellent point in explaining that no matter how hard a human tries, they will never fully get the full idea of someone else. In other words, no one can read anybody's mind to find out exactly what he/she is thinking. Finally he finishes the book letting the reader know that he is still learning and there is still much to be learned about comics. Also that he is open to any new ideas because after all these are all opinions he has about comics. They are not straight facts.
My opinion in this chapter is quite agreeable with McCloud's opinoin. He as a writer, I feel, did his job convincing me to believe most of what he was saying. I do disagree with some things throughout the book but as for chapter nine alone, I can't argue with him because he allows me to vioce my opinion by his closing statements. I really enjoyed his riding about humans incapability to communicate their full idea from one person to another. It was quite intruiging to me.

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  1. I hate to break it to you, Red, but we're not done with McCloud just yet ;-)

    This is a pretty good post. But I did ask you all to respond to the whole book at the end, not just this chapter. Also, you might want to proofread a little more carefully in the future ;-)