24 February 2010


Marcus Washington

January 24, 2010

Chapter one STRS “setting the record straight”, starts off with Scott McCloud. Growing up he thought he knew what comics were, but he really had no idea the extent that comics affect us. He thought they were colorful magazines for kids. So Scott does some research and comes up with a definition for comics. At first the definition starts as sequential art, then it goes to sequential visual art. Since that’s too open, the qualifications of the definition help to develop a more specific definition, and after five tries Scott finally comes up with “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence.

Chapter two, “the vocabulary of comics”, starts off with a pipe or so we think that’s what it is, but after four or five frames we find out that it’s really a printed copy of a drawing of a painting of a pipe. Then he talks about icons and what the word icon means to him. He uses the word “icon” to mean any images used to represent people, places. Every icon on page twenty six is not what it really is!!! It shows a picture of a face and it’s so detailed that it can only be one person, and then it loses detail to where it can be a few people, eventually it losing all the detail and it’s just a plain face to where it can be anyone in the world. Scott has a bunch of different shapes and with a simple addition of what looks like an eye; every shape looks like it’s a face. He said “we assign identities and emotions where none exist.

After reading chapters one and two I think the book is interesting. Scott McCloud has a really weird maybe even dry sense of humor and makes the book a little more fit to me. Because everything that I read made me think about times that I can relate to that issue.

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