09 February 2010

Chapter 4 in "Understanding Comics" covers how time is used and controlled in the panels of a comic. Scott McCloud begins on showing the reader a rather large panel to show as an example that one panel doesn't represent a single moment in time but can show several moments within it. McCloud takes time and puts in into a metaphor telling the reader to think of it as a rope. "Each inch represents a second." So if the reader were to take a rope and string it through each balloon, reading from left to right, it would show the time line within that panel. Another way time is exampled in comics is through silent panels. These would show a single moment rather than multiple in the first example. McCloud then explains though, if sound is introduced, it is no longer a single moment. Moving on, McCloud shows that the length of a panel can also represent time. After finishing explaining the movement of time through panels, McCloud begins on movement and motion through panels. Then eventually links time and movement to each other.Chapter six was rather confusing to me. I understand the beginning when McCloud was using the show and tell example which showed how we use words and pictures to show our audience what we are trying to show. He then moves on to how when we are younger we read books with many pictures, but as we get older, books are less inclined to have pictures. Why is this? McCloud says it's because the pictures don't live up to the potential of what the words are portraying. He brings history into the picture afterwards. McCloud shows how Ancient Egyptians use pictures to represent words, therefore combining the two. These pictures evolved, became more symbolic and eventually became words. After he got finished talking about the evolution of words is where i got lost. I had a very hard time understanding it.

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  1. Your summary is a little cut and dry, Red. And where's your response to the reading? How did you get lost? You summarize well enough, so what parts did yo have trouble understanding?