06 February 2010

Chapter 9 Blog

Anthony Ratliff

English 112

February 6, 2010

Chapter nine is called “putting it all together”. McCloud talks about the medium in comics and how important it is. No matter how hard a human being tries to understand what another human being is feeling he or she will never be able to. Even if you explain to a person exactly how you feel and they understand, they still won’t be able to feel what you feel because your guy’s medium is different. McCloud says that nearly all problems in human history stem from the inability to communicate directly from mind to mind. Comics are one of the very few forms left for an individual voice to be heard. Chapter nine is basically about clearing your mind on everything you know about comics, and the best definition for it is the most expansive, which is sequential art. No one will ever understand comics fully because “today the possibilities for comics are, as they always have been, endless.”

After reading this book by Scott McCloud, I found out that he’s not trying to convince us that comics are art because with no doubt in my mind they are. He’s just trying to get comics moved up on the list of art. Scott thinks comics should be a higher form of art, but to me I personally don’t care because a form of art is a form of art. Why should you care if it’s high or low! That’s my opinion; I can see why someone who actually creates a piece of art is upset with it being at the bottom of the list. Especially creating a comic, after reading I found out that so much preparation and work goes into making a good comic. That would make me so angry to know that no matter how hard you worked on it, it’s just going to be at the bottom of the list.

If I was McCloud I’d probably be trying to do the same thing he is, but after reading his book I also found out that it doesn’t matter how hard you try to get comics moved up on the list, it’s not going to happen. Something like that has to happen on its own. Comics are really hard to understand or at least the good ones are, and I think that’s a reason why there not a higher form of art. In chapter nine Scott say’s “the wall of ignorance that prevents so many human being from seeing each other clearly can only be breached by communication.” Well I look at comics being that other human and I don’t see it clearly, I don’t understand it. If I did understand them then to me comics would be a higher form of art. I would probably read them a lot more because when I read a comic that I understand it’s really enjoyable. I think the ones who consider comics to be a higher form of art have good closer; therefore it’s easier for them to understand it. Mclouds book helped me understand comics a lot more than I did, because I didn’t know anything about them before. This book was really enjoyable, it wasn’t boring to me but it was confusing.


  1. I agree with you in most of the part. Especially when you put the idea forward of a form of art being an art irrelative of anything. What do you mean by "Well I look at comics being that other human and I don’t see it clearly, I don’t understand it"? Does it mean that you don't understand comics?

  2. I agree with Kabir. Also, I'm curious as to how you think comics will improve in status on their own.

    This is a good post. Your summary's a bit short, though.