04 February 2010

Chapter 9 The End I'm Happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 9 being the last chapter of the book is titled “Putting it all together”. Scott McCloud starts off by writing how unique each individual is. He writes how “no other human being can ever know what it is like to be you from the inside”, and that lack of understanding leads to all problems in the society. Similarly, comics do the same thing too. It follows a path from mind to hand to paper to eye and to mind. He writes that comics is one of the few forms of mass communication in which is individual voices still have a chance to be heard. He even writes out his fifteen years of experience trying to understand comics. He wants us to clear our minds of all the preconceived notions about comics; only starting with an empty page we can discover the range of possibilities of comics. Then, in a matter of fifteen pages he goes fast forward to everything he has written about in this book, from the definition by Rudolph Topffer to the history over three thousand years old, pictorial styles and everything. Finally he talks how same species (humans) differing geographically have different expressions, story-telling, collage, word-picture linkage, subjective motion and format about comics. He writes that comics provides tremendous amount of resources to all writers and artists to be heard every corner of the world without the fear of compromise. Also, he adds that comics offer a range of versatility with all the imagery of film and painting.

This chapter was just the zist of the whole book and what McCloud was talking about the whole time. He just rushes into everything as if to tell us that he was tired of writing this book.

Wow! This book was not as interesting as I thought it would be. Glad it was over. Beginning of the semester I was excited and was hoping that the teacher for this class would make us read “Real Comic Books”. I got even more excited he handed us comic books in the first day and that was it. No more comic books after that. We have been reading this book for a month now and finally it is over.


  1. Great summary on chapter 9, you did a good job on wording it. You were specific and gave good examples and still straight to the point. However, I thought the "comic book" was interesting even though you don't consider it a real comic.

  2. Nice summary and you did make excellent points in providing examples. I did not consider some of the information that you explained, so reading your blog gave me a different perspective. Very nice work. Keep it up.

  3. Excellent comments, Anthony and Rayna!

    I am also interested that you don't consider McCloud's book a comic, Kabir. Also, consider this about how McCloud "rushes into everything." This is his last chapter, his conclusion. In a conclusion, you should quickly summarize everything you've written. You want to remind the reader about everything you've told them.