04 February 2010

Chapter 9. I like the way that Mccloud connects people understanding comics to people reading each other’s minds, I think that he means that if you don’t take the time to understand the significant reason of comics, then to understand to them will be like trying to read some one’s mind, and the McCloud says the only power that separates the artists from their audience is the power of understanding what the artist is trying to say. “In Comics the conversation follows a path from mind to hand to paper to eye to mind.” (McCloud 195) I think he means that all of the ideas from an author goes through many of stages, like it comes from the mind then to paper, and then the author analyzes what he/she drew and wrote and maybe the author changes their minds and come up with something else. According to McCloud comics are one of the very forms of mass communication meaning that there are people out there who have great ideas that still can be heard. McCloud says that an easier way to understand comics is to start from scratch; he means to separate what you know from what you don’t know. McCloud feels like if we dig up the ancient forms of art that we would be able to see the great forms of comics. McCloud says that the visual iconography where form by comic creators. McCloud also says that comics use cartoons to catch its readers, and uses realism to capture beauty and complexity of the world. McCloud says the dance between the visible and invisible is the heart of comics and brings it through closure, he also said that the author and the readers create partners in the invisible making nothing into something time and time again throughout life.
The whole book in general is boring to read, but when I read it, I started to understand why people don’t understand the significant of comics, but I also kind of understand what McCloud is coming from. He tries to bring a point across to people saying that comics are art and it has been like that for many of years and he doesn’t understand why people won’t accept the fact that comics are art because of the time and skill it takes to create a comic book.

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  1. Where's your title, Greg?!

    Also, remember, when we summarize another author's ideas, we keep ours separate. That's why I ask you all to offer your opinion after you summarize the reading.

    Still, you have some interesting ideas here--especially your take on McCloud's explanation of media.