06 February 2010

Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, Scott McCloud talks about his definition of comics. He briefly describes the process of how comics are made. The idea of how people as well as art can be isolated to where no other human beings can see the outside, but never know what is like to be us from the inside. The concept relates to comics because we see what is shown rather than seeing the purpose. The fact that an idea from the mind can go from something small into a great big perspective to the world. Human beings go based on what we see rather than what we know when it comes to judging something that appears different to us. The purpose of comics is to express a view of the world people do not see because they are blinded by what is in front of them. McCloud brings up the history of how art was created because people before our generation were using pictures to tell stories of their culture. The pyramid of how faces were created shows that comics can come from the simplest ideas and then created into the most complex people created in comics. The world of symbols is another language to the comics world because it is used to describe different things without over using words. The power of closure is a lot of work because it’s a dance of visibility and invisibility of comics which makes it the heart of closure. The balancing act of comics is great because the balance is stronger than the pictures and words inside the comics.

I enjoyed reading Chapter 9 because it was kind of like a review of everything that Scott McCloud was talking about. He was trying to prove that comics are a form of art and he used logical reasoning to make his point clear. I liked how he used different metaphors in his book to get his point across.

I enjoyed reading the book about comics by Scott McCloud because it opened my mind rather than judging. When I first saw that we were going to have to read this book, I thought it was stupid and had to make sure I was in the right class. But after reading about the complexity of how comics are created and the definition changes from people to people. I enjoyed learning about the items that goes into making comics a success. I think this book helps people understand what is happening in the creation process and what McCloud’s definition of comics is. The creation of other people’s comics is either or a comic or not because it has to follow McCloud’s line of work. I just enjoyed reading a book that was different from what I usually read or what I’m comfortable with reading. This was a very interesting book and hopefully I will continue to expand my variety of reading different types of books in different genres.

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  1. Great post, Rayna! This is what I've come to expect from you :-)