07 February 2010

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 is the last chapter of the book, “Putting it all together”. It follows a path from mind to hand to paper to eye and to mind. He writes that comics is one of the few forms of communication in which a person’s voice is able to be heard, in political views and just on basic topics in society alone. He talks about the definition by Rudolph Topffer and history over three thousand years’ old, pictorial styles and everything. Finally he talks how humans geographically have different expressions, story-telling, collage, word-picture linkage, subjective motion and format about comics. The author writes that comics provides great amounts of resources to all writers and artists to be heard every corner of the world without the fear of compromise and comics offer a range of versatility with all the imagery of film and painting.
After reading this book I would say comics are an art and McCloud made some strong points by breaking up these chapters and really doing research for each topic. In the very last chapter he says something that sums it all up for me because I agree so much with this. He writes how … “no other human being can ever know what it is like to be you from the inside”, and that lack of understanding leads to all problems in the society. See as people we have this bad problem when we don’t understand things we push them out of life because it’s not the same thing or close to something we already have, no matter if its books, fashion, love choices, if it’s not what’s been going on, people don’t want to accept it. Comics are very unique and if we thought through them, we would have a better understanding and might help some people that have a hard time connecting to the normal text. It’s a winning situation to me, more people taught and just different ways.


  1. this blog need a analysis of the book

  2. What do you mean, Maxx?

    Your summary's a bit brief, but otherwise, this is a good post, Max :-)